Monday, December 21, 2009


You might have had to be there to appreciate this, however I'm going to share a funny grocery store story......

First of all, I'm insane....because I go with all 3 of my kids, I find it easier to handle "my not so loving to shop" 2 year old:)

So we are at the grocery store, just about done and I come across an awesome deal...Nabisco 100 calorie pack cookies and crackers for $1.66 a box. The real SWEET part of this deal is that there were sticker coupons on each box that said SAVE $1.50 now on one box. WHAT!! .16 cents for a box of $3.29 crackers and cookies. Well needless to say I was soooooo excited that we filled up MORE carts and I now have 34 boxes of 100 calorie crackers and cookies to snack on.

This is so different from me a year or two ago, because #1 I would never "stock up on things". I would buy 1 or 2 and #2 I just didn't have the coupon thing in me like I do now.

I am glad my daughters are still not at the age of embarrassment from their mother, because we ;looked pretty ridiculous fillin those carts and laughing hysterically!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


A few of the yearly Christmas traditions I attend, just didn't work out for me this year, for whatever reason. Last Sunday me and my daughters attended our church's Christmas carolling. Now I have lived in a city or suburb of a city my whole life and have never walked door to door Christmas carolling. We did it country style...we visited a few elderly shut ins and a few local nursing homes, driving to a fro.

We had such a wonderful time and I'm going to add this event as a new favorite tradition to enjoy for the years to come. The last house we stopped at, the woman opened the door in her robe and was explaining that she had felt under the weather all day and had tears in her eyes, it felt great to be apart of a group that sang the message to her and brighten her day!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well getting our tree last weekend was a success! We spent a few hours out searching and cutting down the TALLEST one:) Just as we got in our truck to drive away it started raining.......for the rest of the our early start paid off. We are not normally "early starters" for anything, we usually get started early - late afternoon on things.

So now that the tree is up and we are heading into our first weekend with it up, we watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music, read the birth of Christ and sip hot drinks in the family room with the tree on at night. I love this time of year. The simple things, all cozy and together, now we just have to get our fireplace working!

Saturday, November 28, 2009


What a great Thanksgiving weekend. The time off as a family is great and well needed. We enjoyed a GREAT Thanksgiving at my in laws house and my mother's house. Tomorrow we will get our tree if we are not rained on (90% rain in the forecast) and then a month long of Christmas music and Christmas festivities.

I'm sure my girl's favorite moment of the weekend is perhaps now as I type, they are playing with the bestest friends that moved this past summer. They are in town and enjoying the evening with them. Laughter and giggles and a crazy screaming 2 year old is what I'm hearing right now:)

I anticipate this upcoming Christmas season!

Monday, November 16, 2009


Well with a possible job out of state in progress, losing our home (I'm not sure if and when yet) and the chaos of a toddler, we are seriously thinking about homeschooling. I know crazy timing:) I have had it on my heart for years, I feel like I talk, talk , talk about it, and never do, do do.

The past couple of months my husband has grown more and more fond of the idea and now I know that he will research as he has ordered a bunch of literature on the subject from certain pastors he admires. He has an awesome way of just DOING things. We are a great balance, as I tend to be passive. Anyhow,
I know I have been talking about this topic for some time. We are continuing to pray about the timing and if it is right or not for our family. I do however have a feeling my husband is going to be all over it once he truly learns more about it.

So not much else going on around here. My girls have started a local 4h and have met some new girls and new interests,so that has been fun for them:) My husband's brother who was foreclosed on a few months back has since been able to buy his house back at an unbelievable price, Praise God! I am so happy for him and his wife.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have the girls signed up for a local 4H club and I'm/ they are so excited. I let them choose the area's of interest that they had. They both picked arts and crafts, raising rabbits, drawing and cooking- My older chose knitting as well.
We were supposed to start 2 of the classes this week, but unfortunately to many children were sick ,and they cancelled. So we have next week to look forward to, in meeting new people and trying new things.

Monday, November 2, 2009


So a Fed Ex envelope is on my porch this morning and I'm thinking here we go......"eviction notice". I open it up and it is yet another loan modification, worse than the first one they offered months ago. The payment is unfortunately untouchable for us right now and we don't want to get in that mess again. All along I heard the mortgage company would come in and revalue your house for what it is worth today and give new payments based on that. That is what I was hoping for, but as of now, we are really no further along:(

I will say it is the first time THEY have come in contact with me, which is surprising that it took this long, but we will see. I am praying for the best possible outcome. Whether that be the house saved or not. I'm hopeful that the Lord has an exciting journey planned for us ahead and I am getting a little anxious to unravel it, but I'm trying to maintain some patience. I will keep up with this, as I'm not sure what this means. I know that we cannot afford the amount on the paper work I received today. Back to square one for another modification or let's start the eviction process already...........

Saturday, October 31, 2009


So here is a funny little story about just how frugal I have become over the years to get to our goal of becoming completely debt free one day including no mortgage.

I was talking with a fellow acquaintance at a school function yesterday. I was telling her how the kids got so much candy from the school trunk trot and at the local nursing home. 3 kids, 3 bags of candy = LOTS OF CANDY. Now Halloween is not my favorite day, although the kids enjoy the atmosphere of running door to door and having a good time. So anyhow the subject of how expensive Halloween is came up, from this fellow mom. I just shook my head and kids wore something they got creative with at home, so no $ on costumes, and I proceeded to say that I don't even buy candy. She said don't you enjoy passing out to the little ones? I said Oh sure, but all the candy that we collected over the last few Halloween events go into a bowl and I pass that out, then what my kids get the night of Halloween they keep and I divvy up between them when it is "treat time".

She looked mortified, and all the while I am thinking .........Don't others think this way??????
I like to think i am recycling.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

APPLE BUTTER..............MMM

OK so anyone that knows how the last few years of our lives have been going..........knows that I had a major halt in ALL spending. I had to get creative, and the best thing I discovered was couponing! I mean saving 50-70% on your normal grocery budget, made me feel somewhat in control of an out of control financial situation.

Now that a regular check is coming in and we are getting back on our feet, it is still important for me to continue to save money if need be, and groceries is one area I can remain saving the $'s.

Along with couponing I have been making alot of "new things" from scratch.I love the idea of having a stocked pantry at ALL times. This summer I made homemade jam from our strawberry picking. The other night I came across a crock pot recipe for homemade apple butter (my husband's favorite). It is so simple I have to share.

Bag of apples cut up
Jar of applesauce
cinnamon(to taste)
sugar (to taste)

That is it! My kitchen smelled wonderful . I put all ingredients in at 10:30 at night on low, woke up at 6:30 the next morning and the mixture was dark brown and just the right consistency. So I am hoping to can lots of this for the winter ahead!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


So not much has been going on. Basketball season is keeping us busy all week long between practice and games. Weekends we are just hanging out as a family since my husband is working long hours during the week. He has been so blessed with a sub contract account. It is allowing us to get caught up on things and there are a few doors that I can see are possibly opening, so................I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

School has taken a positive turn, my second grader has been doing alot better the last few weeks, so I am hopeful, and I love the school/church connection there, so we will see. One day at a time:)

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


So just this past week one of my really good friend's husband left her. I just have such a hard time with this. I want to be a good friend - but I can't help wanting to "fix it". I just can't except stuff like this.
Ironically I am reading The Power Of A Praying Wife(picked up at a garage sale this past weekend along with The Power Of A Praying Husband). So I just can't relate, but decided I need to be a good listener and pray for all them, I am friends with the whole family and it just makes me sick to my stomach. Could be the fact that I have been with my husband since I was 15 yrs old, never broke up - got married and I can't even say I have ever experienced a friend who divorced.

So, I am praying for the Lord to help me be a good friend, as I am lost with this new dilemma.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I love the moment's when we as mothers can learn from our children. I had an experience like that yesterday and wanted to share it.

On the way home from school yesterday we had about 2 hours to get homework done, finish chores, do 20 minutes of reading, study for a test for one kid and get dinner before a basketball game. Wow- lots of stuff to accomplish, (I hate being rushed!!)

So we are in the car down our street and my 10 year old notices a neighbor of ours (who has 4 little kids by the way) she notices her lawn mower parked in the middle of her front yard - unfinished. Without hesitation she blurts out " oh poor Mrs Mandy, she has all those kids and couldn't finish cutting her grass, I'm gonna go see if she wants me to finish it".

Here goes my best mom response...."We have to much to do, NO"....(not my best response)
Then she proceeds to tell me that at school they had a speaker come in and talk about true , kind friends and not so nice friends. I knew what was right, i knew what I wanted to teach my children, and I was proud at that moment.
I said "okay, lets go get a few things done, then you can go over and help her".

She rode her bike down there so excited and everything got done. It was one of those"slow down" moments I needed. It is more important to help others when need be, good reminder.

By the way, my neighbor just couldn't bring herself to let my daughter do that, but she did send her in the house to watch those little ones:) All were happy.

P.s - We won the basket ball game and my little/big girl made 3 baskets!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

WHAT TO DO..............

I have so much on my heart and mind these past few weeks. With the start of school and one unhappy little second grader, I'm just not sure what to do. I sometimes wish I would have started homeschooling from the beginning, but then I remember the many blessings that our family has encountered at our wonderful church/school. I still can't shake the "warm fuzzy feeling" about all the research I do on homeschooling.

So whether I try it with one this year, both, wait till next year or never do it, I need some extra prayer. It has been heavy on my heart and I am trying to truly discern what this means for me and my family. Your added prayers would be wonderful.... I know God will give me clear vision in his timing, Im trying to remain faithful and patient.

I'll keep you updated.

Sunday, September 27, 2009


So today marked our 12th wedding anniversary! I can't believe it. After having my husband working 12+ hours Mon- Fri for the last two weeks it was great to have some "down time". Today was great- local cider mill in the area, some relaxing outside on a gorgeous day and out to eat. What a wonderful day.
A really neat treat this morning was getting awaken by my kids who made scrambled eggs and toast and brought it up to us in bed. It sure was nice not to have to cook a meal today:)
I love my family, and am so blessed by each one of them. Life is good.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DIFFICULT WEEK..............

Wow- I realize I have not posted for over a week, it is amazing how busy and hectic things get, especially when school starts.

The start of school went great and about 3 days into it my 7 year old second grader started to have some melt downs in the morning and was just starting to refuse going to school and it was really affecting all aspects of her day, not eating, not wanting to play, just not her normal self. I started to pray about it and wondered if this was the time to "homeschool"?? The only problem me and my husband had was that we did not want to jump in and "save her", we wanted to help her "work through" whatever was going on.

Well long story short, we talked to the principal and pastor at our school, we had several meetings and in talking she opened up to the pastor about "feeling worried about all the different things going on in our lives- the talk about moving, her dad maybe getting a new job and other changes going on". I was relieved to finally get to the root of this different behavior, and so now it is all reassurance and praise for the great job she has been doing the last few days, were just trying hard to "build her up".

I am glad, I did not just throw the towel in and pull her out, like I was going to do, that does not mean I don't want to homeschool, it is just that we needed to get through that particular problem, and we are all stronger for it. I am also planning on homeschooling next year, if my husband gets this job that requires a bit of moving around, and I'm sure that will help the kids feel "united as a family".
So this was not my time, and that is okay, I'm glad I gave it over to the Lord, and I can continue on my plan to get as much info this year on homeschooling as I can.

One highlight of our week was enrolling the girls in a local 4H program, where they can learn about raising chickens, rabbits, drawing and cooking and gardening. I am super excited about this as they can be part of this club together learning wholesome skills for life.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well I was one of "those moms" last night.
Very proud and excited! My oldest daughter has been playing on her school's basketball team, and she scored!!!!!!!!
What a feeling, last year she did not have much court time, she was only in fourth grade. This year however she is in fifth grade, and it is a fifth and sixth grade team, so she has much more opportunity to score. It was really exciting and I know she enjoyed "her moment".
So, I'm now one of those crazy sports mom. Never would have thought.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last week my husband received some very good, much needed news. A major company in our area has 2000 vehicles they need gps systems on husband got the account!!!!!! The difference between this type of deal and the deals that have messed him up in the past is , they are a large co, they have the allocated money set aside and it is all labor,the parts are supplied to him! This is a temporary assignment, deals like this do not happen all the time, but we'll TAKE IT!! This will make up for the months we went without any pay and get us caught up. I don't know what this means for the house, I mean we still have not been served the foreclosure papers, we are just waiting...........I guess we will continue to take each day at a time.

First off I must never forget this situation, the feelings of despair, hopelessness and fear. I am convinced the only way I have gotten through this past year was having complete trust and faith in the Lord. Only he knew what was to come. I had to surrender control, give it over to God, and TRUST. That is very hard to do when you do not see instant results. I continue to pray for this guidance from God, remembering to always be still and listen and follow Him.

This is a scary time, a bad economy with no job security anymore. I must remember that there are so many others going through losing their homes, jobs, no paychecks, health issues and what not. One thing I learned through this whole humbling experience is that making a certain amount of money or living in a certain house, makes you no better than someone else. I knew this, but I think until you hit rock bottom you realize WE ARE ALL GOD'S CHILDREN. We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. I'm not going to say it was easy, but I conquered a huge fear of mine......losing everything. I realize now my family and our faith is all one needs. House or no house, job or no job.
I thank anyone who prayed for us, I know we had alot of that going on. I will keep you posted with the details. For now,I'm just excited for my husband to get out their and provide for his family, something he loves to do, and continue to thank God for his many blessings.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


This past week seems to have been so busy around here, all the school preparations, celebrating the girls birthday and winding down from summer, trying to get on a somewhat structured schedule.

How I love the fall though, the crisp air, autumn leaves, pumpkins, apples and all the beautiful colors. I tend to enjoy fall the most, usually because it comes after a hot , humid summer, which was not the case this year. I love when the weather lets you walk outside with no coat needed. So I am looking forward to this change in season, and remembering to thank God for all the beauty that surrounds us.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Well here we are 5 days after my oldest birthday is my next daughters birthday. They are 3 years and 5 days apart. I love celebrating with ONE big party every year and they still do not mind, I'm not sure how many more years i can get away with it though:)
So a very Happy Birthday to Nicole today. I can't believe she is 7!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yeah - finally have a digital camera from this century;) It is so simple to post pictures and I'm having some fun with my long awaited camera(garage sale profit money).

We spent the day at Frontier Town yesterday, ice cream, laughing and feeding the goats!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My oldest is 10 today! I can't believe I have a double digit child;) We had big plans to go to the beach, but it is a rainy day, so.........we will have to go another day. Gifts were simple this year, and we will have a family party later in the week. She loved, loved her manicure gift. A manicure at a real salon!!

Her school does home visits with the teacher, and her teacher for this year brought her flowers, that was so nice. Well we are just hanging out, going to cook the dinner she picked for her birthday and having cake later when dad comes home.

Ahh, i love the simpleness of childhood.

P. S, I got a new camera yesterday,(much needed, mine has been acting up since Jan) so once I figure out the uploading, which I think is pretty simple, I will post some pics.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Although the weather today was very unusual for August ( drizzly, cool, rain, small spots of sunlight)we had a great time at the Air Show at Selfridge AF. The kids really enjoyed it, there was lots to see and many amazing air craft you could get right up close to. Our two year old kept saying "Wow Boat" and we kept correcting him saying "Airplane". It was a nice day for the family and on the way out we saw some really cool tricks from the Thunderbirds. This is my husband's kind of thing,but I must say I enjoyed myself and the kids did as well.

Friday, August 21, 2009


This seems so super simple, but I have to admit we don't normally do it. We packed up a bag of lunch a blanket some cups and a jug of water and headed to a nearby park under a huge tree for a picnic lunch!

I had this list that I wrote at the beginning of summer (right after reading a Family Fun Magazine). I then wrote down all the fun things I wanted to try to do this summer (notice I said try to do;) I got this idea from the magazine of course and it has been a great reminder on bored days. Anyways the picnic idea was very fun and i have to admit after writing down 15 things or so we only have a few that we did not do, but the zoo remains on that list and we are gonna have to change that..............

Thursday, August 20, 2009


My six year old is on vacation with her grandparents and aunt and uncle. They went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky for a few days. Life with two kids at home is "weird" to say the least.You just get used to the crazy chaos of three children and then two seems sooooooo quiet. Strange!

My 9 1/2 year old opted not to go as she had basketball practice this week, she said"mom, the team needs me there is only 8 of us this year, all the good girls moved to Varsity!". I said Okay, you can stay home;) (not what I would have done at that age) I was laughing with my husband about it, and he understood her, he was and still is very dedicated and gives 100% (not that I don't;) but I can break the rules every now and then!

So we have some quieter days to enjoy until the trip is done. Hey why didn't anyone offer to take a 2 year old on vacation with them;)lol.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



1. Homework!

2. Early mornings!

3. Adjusting to the "new teachers way of doing things"!

4. My schedule is no longer my schedule!

5. Missing my girls.........;(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JUST FOR FUN..........


1. Two year old will take a regular nap again!!!!

2. I can continue on my bible reading mid afternoon, with no noise!


4. Early start to our day!

5. Oh and did I mention naptime;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I must say I love, love love summer time with no schedules, the problem I am having is no schedule:) I really need time to unwind at night and with later bed times and later starting days I am really looking forward to some sort of BEDTIME!

The problem I'm running into is that there is so much going on and my 2 year old sometimes gets dragged into these long days and misses nap, only to take it at 4:00pm. Then it is 10:00 p.m and I want to pull my hair out. So I am looking forward to 12:00-2:00 naptime again and then all kiddo's in bed at 8:00p.m sharp, bit oh how I will hate the homework;)

Can anyone relate? I'm really not trying to complain............

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I read a handful of blogs regularly and most of these "mommy bloggers" have a few things in common. Lots of homemade homegrown stuff, christian God fearing women and they homeschool. This has been on my heart for years, but as I have shared in the past because of our great experience with our school it is not an easy choice and I know it just means it is not the right time. With the many new applications my husband has put in, there are a few positions that if hired, we may possibly have to try homeschooling if need be for various reasons. I'm not looking to far ahead only trying to have some sort of plan.

I know it is in God's plans and timing. There is one particular blog I really like and it has some great tips it is and

She hs just recently added the homeschool blog and it is very informative.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This past year has so much irony in it, I mean there has been alot of stuff that has been challenging for me. Mostly on the financial end, coming to grips with losing the home and losing the business and then again watching paychecks become more and more a rare thing. Years ago if a check was delayed by a few weeks I would freak out.:) My husband would always have to remind me that it is part of owning your own business and that everything would be okay.....(what a guy).:)

Most people that run into me and know what is going on in our life, (mostly non Christians) react like it is the end of our world. I have to agree years ago if I ran into a friend that just told me she lost her house, has no job or pay I would think it sounded like the end of the world. The thing I'm most proud of this year and (it is all God's doing) is that when another "crises" arises I stop and pray for direction and I know that some doors of our lives are closing, but I'm so certain and excited that other doors are just waiting around the corner to open.

Sometimes through challenges you really question who you are and what you stand for. This past 12-18 months I have had a new outlook and a new trust in the Lord. I feel like the wait of the world has been taken off my shoulder, because of my faith I no longer feel like our situation is hopeless. I do not know what is in store, there are a few things in the mix, but I am remaining optimistic and continuing to give thanks to the Lord in good times and in times of stress.

So when people/family members feel bad for us, I just comment to them that I have learned to put my trust and faith in the Lord and I explain that although it has been a rough year, I wouldn't change a thing. I know our God will not leave us, we are his children.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hello August! WOW- summer is in full mode around here. I am well into Jeremiah in my bible reading for the (read the bible in a year goal!)

I finally broke down and joined Facebook and I am pleasantly surprised how much FUN it is. I am connecting with old co workers and class mates that I have not seen in years and I must admit I thought this was just some "high school clicky thing" and I really enjoy it so far. I just joined this past Friday and I am learning as I go:)
I think the best part is catching up with old friends and taking a glimpse into their lives through their photo's of family and such.

I can tend to get addicted to things quickly...blogging, e-mails, internet research and now Facebook. I have made a commitment to myself and prayed for some balance as I do not want to abuse computer time and take away from my responsibilities.

Has anyone else just recently joined Facebook or long time member?

Friday, July 31, 2009


I enjoy reading blogs and just recently stumbled upon one that was discussing the topic of internet safety. I happen to err on the side of caution and let my young daughter talk more about names and specifics because her blog is set to private and you need an invite and password..etc.

I try not to name to many specifics, close up pictures of my kids or their names or any details that I feel may be unsafe, if a possible stalker was reading my blog, highly unlikely but yes, possible.

I am typically naive to things of this nature, however my husband is a very cautious, very protective type of man, and he did not feel comfortable detailing to many area's of our personal life, for reasons of safety. So when I discussed having a more personal blog he just asked that I not post all kinds of our photos on the site. I understand how he feels and respect that.

This subject really got alot of comments as many people had lots to say.Some people bank on-line shop on-line use twitter and facebook and maintain a blog of their own. Everyone has a different reason for their computer time usage, but one thing is for sure we all use the internet to fill the needs of what is going on in our lives.

I will be honest and say that most blogs I read have pictures and details of family life, and I LOVE to read these and learn. So I am glad there are so many out there, and I know I am not a internet stalker, so it's all good:)

Anyhow, I realize I do not have a large reader base, however if you read this and have something to say about it, I would love to hear your thoughts. I enjoy expressing what I have learned financially and spiritually and sharing that makes me happy, thanks for reading!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Wow, what is it about summer that has me posting 1 day a week? Time sure gets away from me in the summer, that is not a bad thing though. I love the busyness of summer along with the "break" from school and what not, it is a favorite time of mine.

I'm not sure that I posted much about a very special family that lived 2 doors down from us for the last six years, and their 2 girls are best friends with my two girls. They just recently moved out of state, they come back frequently because all their family lives right around the corner, but still it is very different. I was very worried about how this would effect my girls, I am pleasantly surprised that kids are so resilient and they just deal with things that we adults sometimes make complicated. They are having a great day with them today as they are back in town and it is nice to see them all together having a great time.

This topic of how resilient kids are to change makes me think of all the things I was so resilient about over the last year especially. I'm not sure what the future holds, I have a new found comfort that the Lord will provide and I am dealing with the anxiety of the unknown much better in my life because of it.

When I think of where we are going to live, will my husband get a job, will we stabilize an income????? All these questions and no answers and all this change that will be happening! I want to deal with it like these kids have. They have had incredible experiences together for the last 6 years of their lives, they will hold all those memories dear to them as I know I will and they just go on. Never forgetting, always remembering, living in the now and being so strong and innocent as well.

Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it. Mark 10:15

My study bible says this. ...

" children exhibit sincerity, eagerness, a trusting attitude and TOTAL dependence on their parents. Thus childlike is a fitting comparison for the qualities a disciple should have.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I have talked enough about my husband's business in the automotive field, which here in Michigan means little these days. It has struggled to say the least and amidst preparing to lose our home(because of lack of income)we still face the challenge of "getting by". As any small business owner knows paychecks are a luxury, they are not of the "norm". It has been a challenge to get by. My husband has applied to a dozen or so jobs, just in the last few months, and he is beginning to think there is not much out there in his field and experience.

Looking back 10 years ago he had an associates in law enforcement, and experience. Well he has applied for a federal government job while he still has time to work a good living and retire 20 years later. Now I'm trying not to get to excited, it is a lengthy process taking up to 6mo to a year to get hired in some cases. I do feel a little bit of relief, possibly thinking that this could be the very thing we have been praying for so diligently the last several months. We have been praying for God to lead us where he wants us and have cried out in sheer desperation for some guidance in our lives. I will remain in control with my thoughts and wonder. I must continue to practice patience, as I like to know what is happening next. I must continue to let God lead, I have to say it is an amazing feeling and a load of pressure lifted off of me.

I will keep everyone posted, this may or may not be it, he takes a test in late Sept. Right now he is studying super hard, getting in extreme physical shape and learning Spanish. I know he will do well, he ranked second top in his class of 60 men at his first academy graduation 10 + years ago.
When he sets his mind to something he gives 110%. I will keep updates:)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I know it is hard to think about in the middle of summer, however a frugal lifestyle means thinking ahead. I have found that shortly after the 4th of July up until the end of July, has been the best time to stock up on school supplies. Our school gives us our list for the following year before school lets out, which makes it nice to know ahead of time what we will need for supplies.

Like grocery shopping I have my "bottom line price", I will not spend more than .15 on a pack of crayons or .50 on a pack of markers, Crayola that is! You have to keep your eyes open for some incredible deals, like folders for a penny! Start keeping your eye out at stores like, Kmart, CVS, WalMart, Target, Staples and Office Max.

This applies for home schoolers too, you know what supplies you will need and why not save money while your at it. Now go enjoy your summer, just start slowly putting some items away and you will be amazed at what you have come Sept, and amazed at the money you saved.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

As I continue to read through the beautiful book of Psalms this verse stands out in my mind. As a new christian years ago when my oldest daughter started kindergarten at our Lutheran school, the principal would say this daily. He would say this in the morning walking through the hallways, after chapel, the end of the day announcements...etc..etc...

At the time I must admit I had no idea what an impact this verse would have on my life. It is true, no matter what day you are having, good, bad, anxious,scared, tired or is a day to rejoice and be glad in!

We are so blessed to have been brought to a wonderful church and school, and I am glad these are things my children hear throughout their school days when they are not home.

Let us all remember this daily as we wake up.

Friday, July 10, 2009


Scratch the title on the last post, because this is indeed the 100th post, my mistake:) Anyhow today finished off the week of vacation bible school at our church/school. The kids look forward to this every year and have a blast. My 6 year old says "I wish vacation bible school lasted 10 days instead of 5 days!" All good things come to an end I tell her.

Today was a hot one, humid anyhow, so I took my kids along with 5 others (I know crazy)to a water splash pad park. Lots of fun. I was actually feeling like the house sounded so quiet this morning while my girls were at vacation bible school, and couldn't wait to get them and do something. So on the way to the splash park amidst all the chatter I realized how much I like spending time with kids, there were 8 in all and you just get used to the noise, and they are all a great bunch of kids. I'm thankful for our friends and my children's friends and it is just an extra bonus that we are great friends with their parents as well.

It was just one of those days you Thank God for!

Thursday, July 9, 2009


Wow this is my 100th post, I am just going to write a quick one because it came to mind this morning in my bible time.

For anyone worried about losing their home or anyone that knows anyone in this situation here is a verse I just went back to for great comfort, I need to hear this lots lately:)

Psalm 49:11-12

Their inner thought is that their houses will last forever, Their dwelling places to all generations; They call their lands after their own names. Nevertheless man, though in honor, does not remain; he is like the beasts that perish.

My study guide says this....

These verses vividly describe both the power of death and the greater power of God.People who have riches, beauty and power in this world will lose them all at death. They will be stripped of everything except their character and soul.

These are wise words to cling onto and read over and over, Yes, I am losing things, but my character and soul are still mine.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Wow, it has been almost a week since my last post........crazy how time flies and how busy one can be at times. I'm going to continue with a second part to Family Life.

Again this is a series from a booklet I read from church, about strong families with healthy habits.

This one might sound like a no brainer, but I wonder how many families EAT TOGETHER.

Does your family table have a few kids with electronic wires connected to their ears, or are some people tuned in to the t.v.? It seems obvious that after preparing a meal for ones family, the next thing to do would be to enjoy it together without distractions. I know this cannot happen every night in every family, but hopefully it is the norm for most of us.

No need for fancy tableware or expensive meals, when Jesus gathered his disciples for the Last Supper they came together in a borrowed room to observe the Passover.
Many people from all times say they never knew they were poor because they had so much to share over a simple bowl of soup made from meager ingredients.

Here are a few tips on really coming together as a family for mealtime.








Wednesday, July 1, 2009


After starting the week off pretty BLAH, I was determined to get out yesterday thunder storm clouds and all. After being home most of Monday and Tuesday morning I just needed to get out, so I took the kids and 2 of the neighbors to go strawberry picking. I enjoy this so much as well as the children. An added bonus is that my crazy active 2 year old just sits down and eats and eats and eats strawberries. It is very therapeutic for me to sit and pick homegrown berries out in the field along with the fact that I don't have to chase little man:)

It was a great afternoon and from what I hear strawberry picking season is almost over, glad we had the opportunity to enjoy this annual tradition and the rain held off:). This year I am going to try and make some homemade jam to fill our pantries this winter and have some special "extra" gifts lying around for the holidays to share with family and friends.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So in my bible reading I am in the book of Psalms. After reading through Job and now halfway into Psalms, it is exactly what I needed to read. For the first time i wept reading Psalms. I very much could relate to the cries for help. We all have our struggles in life, but seeking the Lord through your trials makes you feel you can get through them all.

It has been a hard few days. We just want some normalcy back in our lives, like a steady income. It does make for trying times when you cannot get paid consistently. My husband has been applying to many jobs, any that he can actually and some are local and some are not. I pray that a job would open up for him, so that he can feel like he is providing for his family. I can't imagine what he is feeling, he is a "family first man" and thinks traditionally, that the man should provide financially for his family. I hope that the plan the Lord has is revealed soon, I am learning perserverance, which is a great quality, however life can become very stressful when your income comes to a halt.

Again, extended prayers would be appreciated, and God knew what I needed to hear over the last few days with the timing of Job and Psalms. Praise God.

Friday, June 26, 2009


If you are anything like me I read and re-read those pamphlets that are distributed at Church. I always look forward to the new ones and reflect back on the old. I keep them in a drawer in our study, separate from the books on our shelves, but they are just as inspiring and small enough to read in a short sitting, leaving you filled with the message long after you are done reading them.

I go back to certain ones from time to time whether it is a topic on grief, money management, family life, eternal life............etc.etc.... Today I reflected back on one called Life Together (Practical Tips On Living As A Family). I thought it would be fun to discuss section by section in a few part series, similar to The Fruit Of The Spirit Series I did earlier.

There are six or so chapters in this booklet and we will start with the first topic which is GIVING THANKS.

GIVING THANKS, that is something that never quite came easy to me and I find myself in more situations lately that it is necessary.

Families have an opportunity to give thanks to each other daily. By living together you experience the same joys and the same sorrows by being able to identify with each other. So with giving thanks comes a common bond that you and each member of the family receive. Think of the final messages at funerals, all the kind words expressed. Don't wait until it is to late- GIVE THANKS to each and every member of your family daily and verbally. How nice for a child to hear " I thank God for you" or "Thank you for being......".

A common bond I think of is Ruth and Naomi. "Wherever you go , I will go" Ruth 1:16. How important Naomi must have felt, a feeling of togetherness, a common bond.

So today I challenge you to give thanks to each member of your family and help them to feel the common bond you all share together. What a blessing family is.

Things to Think About.......

Who makes you feel part of a family?

If you have trouble showing appreciation to others, how can you change that?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have to laugh, because as my 6 year old walks in and sees me taking a picture of a bowl of ice cream she says "what the heck are you doing?", she was so puzzled, but I'm sure she will get used to this kind of stuff:)

Anyways.......after making breakfast this morning I had a pancake that nobody touched, so the left over batter went into the fridge and the untouched pancake was torn up over my bowl of vanilla ice cream and cut strawberries, YUM!

I love trying new things in the kitchen and I love to not waste any food!


The one thing I really like about this blog is that I can always find it:) Not that I am a messy girl with loads of stuff lying around, but seriously, when I had a journal that I wrote in, it never worked for me. My kids or husband would find it and rip paper out of it for something or another. I used to always buy pretty little notebooks and anticipate writing in them and looking back on them........

I also have a private blog that is just mine to write my thoughts in, but I do it on-line instead of a notebook and it works for me.

The area's that I hope to look back on in the future and see growth in is obviously my faith and my financial situation( I can't wait to see what pans out with our home and where we will end up living). The other area's I hope to see growth in is my trust and obedience to the Lord. I am doing lots of unit studies on being a Godly wife to my husband and a Godly mother to my kids. These topics are of great interest to me in this stage of my life.

I really didn't grow up in a christian type home, I grew up Catholic and learned little even though we went to church on Sunday. It is a very overwhelming responsibility to structure our homelife with the morals and values I desire in my kids as they grow. I don't have traditions from my own backround to fall back on, but the great thing about salvation is that God meets you where you are at, whether new believer or a 2nd or 3rd generation believer. I know that I must continue to pray in this area that the Lord would give me the knowledge I desire in raising our children to be strong in their beliefs and trust in the Lord themselves.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Okay so now I'm going to be a picture posting freak. I just wanted to know that I had better pictures on my camera (or should I say my daughter's camera). I am in the market for a new camera, so I am using a not so great quality camera my daughter received, anyways, I'm glad I learned a new thing tonight.

So this was yesterday on a gorgeous Michigan day in our backyard, lots of fun.


Okay so I am determined to post pictures:), too bad this picture is so fuzzy. I finally figured it out and after lots of trying I look back and see it was not all that difficult.

This by the way is the homemade frame my 9 year old made for daddy.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday was a great day spent with family, honoring all the dads. Although I no longer have an earthly father I feel closer than ever to our heavenly father and I take comfort that our relationship grows more each and every day.

I do need to learn how to download the pictures from our camera to these posts, I have some great pictures to share, (I will have to work on that)

My husband enjoyed a morning of opening home made gifts, (cards, and picture frame my 9 year old made out of scrap wood) Of course he loved it all! We spent an afternoon up at Lexington on Lake Huron, and it was a great time, overcast weather, but we still managed to get some red cheeks:) Although the sun finally was shining bright as we were leaving for the day , we still enjoyed the pier,playing in the sand and our feet dipped in the water.(These are the moments our kids file into their memory banks)

Hope everyone took time to honor their dads and the dads that you know, what a blessing they are in our children's lives.

Friday, June 19, 2009


It has been an overcast day all day today. Severe thunder storms are called tonight and it is just a great night to be inside.

I love summer storms, the kind where you just cuddle up on the chair and look out at the rain, it brings the family together. This morning we woke up to no power and it was out all day, until 3:00pm. That does not normally happen where we live.
My six year old said "I love it when the electricity is out" I asked her why and she just giggled with no answer(so silly today). It has been a great day of NOTHING to do, everyone needs that every once in a while:)

It was also a good lesson to show everyone how much we rely on electricity, and hopefully we will be more grateful of this convenience in the future.

Does anybody else enjoy the summer storms, another plus is everything gets a fresh watering!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


For those of you that read my recent post about a possible job opening for my husband, it was not what we thought it was. It turned out to be a different position then what we were told, but I thank my neighbor for thinking of us and all those that continually pray for the well being of our future.

I know God is in charge and this isn't it, that's okay, My husband will continue to work his business as best as he can like he has been doing. If anything else pops up we will continue to put it in the Lord's hands. Thanks for all those prayers...


As I continue my reading through the whole bible in one year goal, I have just finished the book of Esther. I really enjoyed the book of Esther and would like to do an extra bible study of some sort. If anyone has any good resources or suggestions that would be great. I have a book called Ruth and Esther that I just saw on my bookshelf from J Vernon Mcghee, so maybe I will check into that!

Any how, I am confident that I will finish my goal by the end of the year as I am approaching the New Testament, and find myself there most of the time when I used to randomly pick scripture. I'm excited to see the growth of reading the bible front to back, not just this one time, but every year.

How about you, has anyone read through front to back? What was your take on it?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So there is a local business that is hiring 2 positions that my husband can fill. Our neighbor tells my husband he knows the service manager, he is a good friend of his:) Of course after 12 years of an up and down business I'm thinking ( yeah, finally a job, steady paycheck:) Well, my husband has no problem inquiring about the job and leaving his business, I was glad to hear that. After our neighbor left we talked a little more thorough about the situation and talked about the pros and cons and the fact that nothing may come of it, but it kinda fell in his lap and he is going to proceed to find out more about it. We know after all we have been through we need to pray and ask for guidance and trust that the Lord will lead us in the way we should go.

There are no overwhelming feelings of fear, impatience(well a little:), confusion, we are just putting it all in God's hands. I'm proud of my husband for swallowing his pride and coming to the conclusion that if he needs to get a job, that is what he needs to do. He continues to try and make his business work, there are really not alot of job openings in Michigan, but he realizes that this is an opportunity that he may take advantage of.

So he is calling the manager today, I will continue to pray for the outcome and be content and patient about it. Any extra prayer would be appreciated and I will give an update when I know something.

It sure feels good to pray about something open minded with God leading. If it happens GREAT, if not that is fine too. The pressure and burden of trying to control every detail of your life, dissipates when you let God lead.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am very fond of homeschooling families and the whole idea behind it. I love the homeschool families I know and I love the concept of much togetherness as a family. We are part of an amazing church and school (part of the church) and for those reasons that are dear to my heart, we do not homeschool now, I take it year to year, but I have honestly been so happy with our experience with this church of ours.

Anyhow, when summer comes it is my turn to "play" homeschooler, and I know the kids need some downtime and I enjoy my own schedule, not the teachers:) So every summer I have a plan for our days..... field trips, math lessons, reading time, stories aloud,cooking time, gardening time. You get the picture, I love to plan out all the exciting things we will do and throw in some lessons while they may not even know Im teaching.

Tomorrow we will take part of our local library reading program, my girls both have a goal in mind as to how many books they want to read this summer and then later in the week we will head out to the orchards and pick strawberries, we are going to work on making jam for family and friends.

I love the break that I get in the summer as well, no deadlines, no waking up at 7:00am , no schedule. It is very laid back and very relaxing, but I still need to keep math facts fresh for the following year:)

Do any of you guys continue to teach in the summer or do you take a full break?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


If you are anything like we used to be you pay off a credit card and then have a balance a year later. What! How does that happen?
Good intentions to get out of debt, but to truly get out of debt there is a hard truth you must hear.....Stop using them. That sounds so simple and actually makes me laugh because it is so true and we don't want to hear that. On the left side of this page I have a link for Dave Ramsey and one of his stories this week is just about this.....paying credit cards off for good! Check it out, and we have made it to the other side, no credit cards, just debit cards, and it really makes you think about each and every purchase. This is a lesson and good skill for life that any couple can appreciate.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Be content with who you are,and don't put on airs. God's strong hand is on you; he'll promote you at the right time.1 Peter 5:6

As I continue to read The Cure For The Common Life by Max Lucado, I really reflect on what is happening in my life at the present time and am really enjoying this book. I wanted to share a story from a chapter about greed and how to avoid the need for greed in your life. ( I am retelling a story in this book)

There was a popcorn peddler that sold popcorn until noon each day, and a highly successful businessman bought a bag of popcorn daily and noticed the peddler closing so early in the day. The businessman asked why he was closing so early? The popcorn peddler responded with "so I can go home and sip tea and sit on the porch with my wife". The businessman replied you still have at least 6 more hours to sell and make more money! The popcorn peddler said "I've made enough money for today".

I love that story. It is where I see my husband and I growing closer to each and every day. See our lifestyle years ago was work to pay for MORE and work MORE to pay for MORE. Well you see MORE for most people is never enough.

I love the thought of living way under your means and making a living and enjoying your simple life that you do not have to work until 8:00pm at night to afford.

I have seen the many changes my husband has made in his business, no credit, cash only, less overhead. The results have been awesome. His hours are less he is home more and there is less stress. Chasing after success is not appealing anymore. Living a humble, simple God centered life is.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I picked up a bunch of great books from a yard sale the other day. I started reading a book by one of my favorite authors Max Lucado and it is called Cure For The Common Life.

In this book it talks about finding your sweet other words finding the true God given traits and interests you have been given and using them in real life. The author goes on to challenge you to look back at your life and remember situations and experiences you had as a child. More likely than not you can trace back certain interests you had as a child and see where you are at today.
For instance maybe you were always working with your hands and now you are a master craftsman,or maybe you were fascinated with bad guys and today you are a real life police man or woman.

All of this reflecting led me back to my childhood and I remembered I always dreamed of running a household. I don't know if this is what every young girl dreams of because she wants to do things her way, but seriously, I always envisioned children and being in charge. Staying home and running the house is challenging and fulfilling to me. I love to learn new recipes and new frugal ideas. So I kinda smiled as I finished the chapter on finding out what your good at and what your true passions are. I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to lead the life I always dreamed of.

It is a real interesting book, one that I would recommend.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have really been missing my dad lately and the wisdom he had. With all the uncertainties in our life right now it would be great to talk to him about what he thinks would be the best thing for us to do. I feel like I know what he would say, but still I want to hear it.

Stay in an outrageous interest only loan to never get a head, with a rising payment all the time, rent a home, live with family, land contract, rent to own............... I still have not heard any final info from my mortgage co, so I think that means I need to sit still until I know where we stand. That makes the most sense right now.

I have a very generous family member who is willing to get a loan for us, I'm uncertain about this as my husband is as well. Very ,very appreciative but..... I have this mentality right now that we will fix this on our own, I don't want to burden others.

I /we continue to need prayer as we are not fully out of this mess just yet, we are starting to feel some relief which is a good feeling after years of just making it month to month. Our new cash only system, no credit cards is working awesome. It take a little more planning, but the rewards are priceless.

So as always just continued prayer as we pray for guidance and wisdom in the decisions that we will have to make...very soon.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


My little girl is blogging!

She has seen me get so excited about the coupon deals on my other blog and asked me if she could have her own blog. She is almost 10, and I was quite surprised at first and then the idea was growing on me. She wants to write about her day and show pictures of the few fruits she is growing in the yard this year and she has a bunch of creative ideas, so I said YES, but I wanted to help:) I went to and read that you can have a blog that needs an invitation from the author to be invited and read the site. I was really happy about that, because I really try to stay safe on the internet.

So she has already wrote 2 posts today and it is fun to watch her explore and be creative, I think it is going to be helpful to keep up the basic writing and grammar tools she has learned this year.

I can't believe time is going so fast and I have a mini blogger in the house. How about any of you, do you have kids that write on a blog?

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I know the big buzz in celebrities and show biz is Jon and Kate plus 8, and I know they have their fair share of negative tabloids lately. I have to admit I did enjoy the show when it first came out. I admire big families and I was curious as to how a household of so many children functions. In the recent problems their family has endured saddens me. I watched Fox News last night and a viewer called in and said it best, she said "the show was great when it started, it has turned into a business and for the sake of your family and children, it should be time to pull the plug on the show". Amen to that!

Now I am not here to judge a mother of 8 children when I only have 3, however as soon as your family is exploited in a way that is harmful to them or yourself, I feel the children and your marriage should be first priority.

I'm not a big fan of t.v, however I tend to enjoy a few programs on TLC, Discovery Health Channel and Fox News. You just can't miss the previews for the recent season premier on this show. I think it is sad, and I pray for them. Maybe TLC should not just be thinking about the money they are making on a family who is falling apart, and pull the plug on this show. It makes me reconsider the programs I do enjoy on TLC.

When a family show starts to have the family fall apart and be exploited, I think it is time to end.

Monday, May 25, 2009


Happy Memorial Day to all. Let us all take time to reflect upon the many soldiers who have or are fighting for our freedom. I have not done this as of yet, but the next time I see a soldier in uniform how about saying THANKS.
God Bless them for serving our country.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Wish my camera was working and charged right now (saving up for a new one, cash of course) as I/We are enjoying a frugal snack that is oh so good.

Ran out of ice cream cones, so I open the freezer and remember a favorite childhood treat of cream sandwiches on waffles. This is so good, you just simply toast your waffle and scoop some ice cream on it and cut it in half like a sandwich.

Added bonus= last week when all those Kellogs Eggos were on sale with $1.00 off coupons floating all around the internet, I stocked up on alot of waffles!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


So for the last 15 years or so, (I can't believe I've been driving that long...), I have always leased vehicles. I have had a new car every 2-3 years which had it's benefits, but at the end of the term, your left with nothing and on to the next lease. This has become a waste of money in my opinion and the fact that our credit is not so pretty right now, we decided to buy!!

The fact that hubby knows quite a bit about cars does help, but we are now the proud owners of a "new to us" vehicle. It is an awesome feeling to know it is ours, we do not owe anybody for it, I can only imagine that feeling when a home is paid in full!

So I have to admit I was a bit nervous of a used car, but that has all changed with the peace of mind that it is OURS. My kids LOVE it! I just recently had a Dodge Ram, so there was not alot of room, this Suburban we just bought however has 3 rows, and lots of elbow room for the kids.

Pictures will be coming soon....I'm learning all there is to know on my camera and downloading to the computer:)

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today was field day at school, so I was inspired to start planning some fun summer activities for the kids. A great tip I picked up a few years ago was to ask each kid what they would like to do in the summer, I then wrote out their ideas and my own and I put them in a summer picnic basket. Every time we needed ideas for fun, we picked something out of the basket. Anyhow, back to the frugal fun..........

9. Host your own "field day" with ribbons and all. If you are lucky enough to have more neighbor kids or friend you could invite over, the more the merrier! Plan an obstacle course in your own backyard, include jumproping, races, water balloon toss...etc..

10. Speaking of water balloon toss, what summer would not be complete without a water balloon or squirt gun fight. This is a great way to cool off, and even the little ones have fun tossing water in and out of the bucket!

11. Turn the sprinkler on, or slip n slide... I picked up a sprinkler that spouts water out of a huge ball last summer, so we are excited to get that going this summer.

12. Have your kids wash the car, complete with wiping the inside out and washing the outside! I really need my car cleaned up by summer, as I normally do not get to it much in the winter months, so I really enjoy a clean inside car all summer.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I started a cake decorating class, last night was my first night to bake a cake, frost it and make several tubs of frosting to practice borders and flowers for the next class.
Needless to say I am a better cook than baker, and had my share of mishaps in the kitchen. I really screwed up the main frosting because I did not mix everything well before I added the dry ingredients, so I try to fix it by adding this and that, only to realize that baking is very precise, the whole first bowl of frosting had to be pitched:( I beg hubby to run to Kroger as it is 10:00p.m. and I have so much more to do, and he makes a late night run for some confectioners sugar!

Through this whole ordeal I am thinking how similar our faith can be to baking a cake. You can't just pray a little here and there and show up to church a little here and there, and you can't just model joy, love , contentment here and there. You should be praying constantly and the holy spirit will fill you with all these good things all of the time. Luckily you can "fix it" by repenting your sins and asking for forgiveness. So I guess there are some similarities, Thank Goodness we can make mistakes and not be "thrown out" because our consistency is not good.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

COMING UP ON 1 YEAR................

Well we are nearing the 1 year mark since our finances took a tumble and we decided we could no longer afford our home. We have been working on trying to reduce the interest rate and get out of an interest only loan.

Reflecting back over the year, I can see changes that I am really excited about. We are still working on trying to "fix" the house mess, how successful that will be......I don't honestly know. Throughout this last year I have overcome my biggest fear......losing my house. Sure I don't want to have to lose it, but if it happens I know my family and I will be alright. There is a sense of peace about it now a year later than there was last summer. I am fully confident the Lord will carry us through this one, and what we have personally learned in the process could not have been taught otherwise. My husband and I pray daily about being led to the right opportunities, and when you hand over your worries to the Lord, nothing seems to big to tackle.

We have such a great family, friend and church family supporting and praying for us, and that means alot.

We will continue to pray for guidance and answers to these issues. I will continue to be patient and trusting. I will give updates as I hear and know more.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


The past 2 weeks I have been reading "mom" books...A Mother's Touch by Elise Arndt and The Power Of A Positive Mom by Karol Ladd.

Im always inspired by books like these. These author's , also mothers themselves have much insight and knowledge about Godly parenting.

With Mother's Day here I reflect on all the moms who have touched my life and are inspirational. My own mother of course and my mother in law and also other women who have been placed in my life. I can think of a few of my favorite "bloggy mom" sites and some special friends in my life that have a certain knack with parenting. I gain wisdom and tips from all these moms who put themselves out there, including the fabulous authors above.

Happy Mothers Day to all and thanks for all the positive info.

Friday, May 8, 2009


This is another poem I just read from a local christian speaker Elise Arndt. I had the privledge to hear her speak at a woman's group at my church a few years ago. What a great reminder to all mom's when we feel less than perfect.

There Are No Perfect Moms

Lord I feel so undeserving of the children you have placed in my care. The responsibilty of raising them for You is both awesome and overwhelming.

I desire to be a "perfect mom", only to realize that my actions and reactions to the circumstances around me are anything but perfect.

Remind me that there are no perfect moms- only forgiven ones- and despite my inadequacies and failures, You can still use me.

Let my arms be your arms of comfort, my heart express your heart of compassion, and my voice be your mouthpiece of encouragement as I speak Your words of love to my children.

Use my faith, as little as it seems, to point them to You, the only Perfect Parent

Thursday, May 7, 2009


With Mother's Day quickly approaching I thought it would be appropriate to take some time to focus on Mom's!

I have a small pocket book A Mother's Touch by Elise Arndt, that I picked up years ago at our church function. It is filled with helpful tips about parenting and becoming a Godly mom.

Here is a poem by her that I often reflect upon.

Remind Me Lord
Remind me Lord, That the time I have with my children is so short and that each and every day with them is a precious gift.

Remind Me
In the midst of the mundane tasks that I am shaping a character for you.

Remind Me
In times of busyness to stop and make a memory,to listen not just with my ears, but with my eyes, and observe not only with my eyes but with my heart.

Remind Me
That there are no re-runs, no second chances with my children. If I have lost today, it is gone forever. Let me live in the present and not in the future.

Remind Me
That you are there in the midst of my failures. That when I am weak You are strong,And that your strength is made perfect in weakness.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A few days earlier I started a series on FREE or almost FREE fun to do with the kids. I am feeling spring in the air and looking forward to all the fun and relaxing days that summer brings. My kids are off this week, and it reminds me of the joys of summer, with no schedules and less structure, we all need that from time to time.
Here are some more idea's...

5. Take advantage of the FREE classes that big stores have available. Lowes and Home Depot have Saturday morning FREE workshops, usually bird houses or some type of wood craft that is great for dad's to do with the kids. This week don't forget to take advantage of Michaels craft store FREEBIES for mom, they have workshops all week. This is great for the kids to make a special gift for mom or grandma.

6. Check out all the area's school yards to play on all the different playgrounds. Sometimes when we are in a new city or area the kids get excited to try out a new play structure.

7. Go on a bike ride. This is an obvious one, but such fun for everyone.

8. Paint the house. Not literally, give your kids a bucket of water and a paintbrush. If you have a brick house this is really cool, because it actually looks like they are painting the house. My kids like to see how much they can "paint" until it dries up from the sun.


I found a very helpful blog the other day, Tammy's Recipes. I mean who does not need new ideas in the kitchen every now and then. I know I get in ruts where it seems like I am cooking the same meals and then I forget the last time I cooked something.

She has a Kitchen Tip Tuesday, where you write in kitchen tips. So today I am going to participate!

As I mentioned above, I dislike getting into a rut in the kitchen for meals. My tip is pretty simple, yet I have to admit I sometimes do not apply it:)

I write a list of meals that my family likes. I have 30 or so meals that I know on the top of my head. So when I am at the grocery store, if those items are on sale, I pick them up and make that particular dish. Pretty simple right. I keep it in my wallet, so that there is no way I can forget it on the way out to the store.

Added tip = I only make those meals on my list that coincide with the store sales for added savings.

Monday, May 4, 2009


Due to one unconfirmed case of the swine flu, our school district is closed all week. So we are planning a fun relaxed week. When the weather starts to get nicer and it stays light out until later, it is hard to get the bath/bedtime routine going so early on school nights. I am excited about a mini vacation as the kids are as well.

We have to remember to wash, wash , wash hands regularly. The school district said a fever of as little as 100.5, chills, sore throat and coughing should be of concern. The first thing they are looking for is a fever of 100.5, then they rule out all other symptoms.

We should remember to pray for the families with a diagnosed case, as it can be quite scary I imagine. Again remember to wash hands thoroughly. Hope the weather stays nice all wek:)

Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm so excited with the weather we are having today.I know it has been spring since March 20, but we get tricked and teased here in Michigan. It is either 80 out or 40, there seems to be no in between, and we have had lots of rain lately. Today is mid 60's, sun shining perfect weather.

This time of year gets me thinking about all the fun stuff there is to do outside after being cooped up all winter. We are on a spending freeze as we are saving up all our extra money for our housing crisis. Anyhow there are so many ways to have fun with the kids that involve no cost or very low cost.

I thought it would be fun to do another series, as I enjoyed the Fruits Of The Spirits. So with the weather warming up and summer quickly approaching I'm going to start Frugal Family Fun. I did not always realise you did not have to spend money at movies or shopping or your favorite family fun center. So it is my hope to share with other families the fun free stuff I have learned over the last several years.

1. Free Family Movie night in the park. Our community has a park that play FREE movies on certain Friday nights in the park. You just bring the kids and some blankets and popcorn of course and enjoy a movie on the big screen under the stars. The kids get really excited about this one because it is dark and they get to stay up later than usual. Check with your local Parks and Rec center or another city or town close to your town.

2. Summer Reading Program at the library. Again our Community Library has a FREE summer program where the kids read books to earn prizes and they also host FREE craft hours on Tuesdays for the kids. It is a nice break at 1:00p.m to come in from the sun and enjoy crafts in the cool air condition. Check with your town or another town near you. (Have I mentioned I love my small town:)

3. Have a garage sale, or shop them. We typically have 1 sale a year and the kids sell lemonade and cookies. They spend hours preparing the stand and decorating, and then they sell for a little while:) and get excited when they get a sale. Last year my girls along with the neighbors were selling for a certain charity.
Another favorite is going to garage sales. Thursday is normally day 1, so we head out early for the best finds. I will typically have the girls bring their own change and buy some small things they like. It is fun to anticipate treasures and helps them both with their math skills.

4. Go on an Exploration walk. I will write out a list of things for the kids to find...pine cone, yellow flower:), stone..etc. We bring bags and a list and head out for a walk. They have a great time doing this and it is nice to see them help each other out in finding what the other child needs.

Thursday, April 30, 2009


So this post will be the last in the Fruit Of The Spirit series, it has been fun to have something to think about almost daily. I love being reminded of the fruits of the spirit, it seems so simple and childlike. All of them are qualities I want to have and be remembered by and also teach my children as well.

Self Control- and yet another difficult one for me. For me Proverbs is a book of the bible that I refer back to time and time again.

How many times do you want to nag at your children or your husband, to pick up after themselves or get something or other done? Self control of the tongue is a hard one, but a necessary one that is so important.

A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.Proverbs 15:1

Attitude and tone of voice is something we are working on in our family right now. From the occasional sassing back to straight out bickering and harsh tones. We are trying to teach the kids the importance of gentle answers and just the way you speak to another human being. When I get overwhelmed in the resources I have of information, I tend to go right back to the basics and read through Proverbs, everything seems again so simple, so full of wise advice.

My husband went through a time years ago when negative thoughts would become the norm for his day. He started wearing a rubberband around his wrist and every time he would think of something negative he would snap it, OUCH. At first it seemed funny to me, but after watching him conquer a problem in his life, and watching him do it diligently I was impressed. Im sure you could work this excercise in any area of your life that you need help with...problems with tone of voice, negative thoughts could fill in the blank.

It has been great to see him work diligently in his bible reading and watch his faith unfold. Naturally gaining self control just happens and it is a blessing to see.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When I hear the word gentleness there are many ways we can demostrate that word. The disciplining of a child who needs correction, the way we talk to our elders that need help, the caring for a helpless new baby. How about talking to a doubter or unbeliever? I find myself in the heat of many conversations at family gatherings or parties with my family. My brother does not believe that the bible has any relevance in this day and age and openly admits to not believing there is only one way to get to heaven.

A few years ago when I was embarking on this new journey of mine, I could not help but share what I had learned and wanted all my family to understand what I am now understanding. At first these "discussions" got heated and I did not handle them "gently". As time goes on I may never change my brothers mind or anyone else I come in contact with, however, treating the situation gently has helped. After all we are supposed to model the fruits of the spirit.

I pray for my brother to open his mind and listen , I will keep trying with lots of patience and gentleness.

Have you ever encountered a situation where your beliefs and values were not shared with someone? Was is hard to model gentleness in that area?

Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well after living out the last 2 weeks of my life without internet at our house, I am proud to say I practiced my patience. I also had faith it would soon be back:)

In all seriousness, I am thrilled to have internet! I hope that never happens again. We will all be more carefull about letting a 2 year old have the chance to destroy anymore valuables!

Faithfulness- that is something we all must strive to improve in our christian life. We all must have faith that Jesus died on the cross, was buried and arose the third day. We all must have faith that God is in control of our lives and that he has a better plan and outcome that we could arrive to ourselves. We all must have faith that this world and the problems and trials we face are only temporary, (thank God).
We all must have faith that we will spend eternity in the loving arms of our Lord.

Through the hard days we must prevail and keep the faith. I personally do not know how people can go through life's struggles without faith, how desperate and alone they must feel. I pray for them tonight as I have the comfort of learning faith.

Someone at church today told me they felt bad about my husband and I losing our home, and I told her that I have faith that it will all work out, and just asked her to pray for us.

We must come to the point where we live out the faith that we are talking about. And so that was my challenge at the start of this mess and I continue to pray for continued faith and grace as I go through this the months that lie ahead.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Just a quick check in for my regulars:) I have been without internet access for over a week. Can you believe that such a cute 2 year old could chew through your computer wire and manage to break 2 computers within days of each other?! All I can say is boy o boy BOYS are a handful:) I am just checking the web tonight thanks to a great friend. I have been having withdrawls, literally.

One good thing came of it, I am spending more time reading and getting farther in my bible reading, I have 8 months to finish my goal!

I hope to have the parts for my computer shortly and get back to a normal routine and I will finish off FRUITS OF THE SPIRIT.

I will be back soon.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to everyone, today we touch upon "goodness".

How many of you can think of something good in your life? Years ago I came across this little paragraph from a book I was reading at the time and I wanted to share it today with you....

Take a look at your life. Think about the moments and events- the details- and see how far you've come. Those "good things" weren't coincidences. You weren't just lucky. If your heart has followed after God, then God has been leading you, and you have been doing his will, perhaps without even knowing it.

When I first read that I had an epiphany. I thought of all the "good things" that had happened in my life over the last few years... marriage, children, building our home, making new christian friends, finding a church we love and school that belongs to it for our children , christian education and a pastor we love to name a few. All these things were brought to us from above, I really felt it for the first time. God blessed us with these "good things" such goodness in our lives.

Think back over the last few years at what God has brought into your lives. Indeed the best is your salvation through his death and resurrection.

Happy Easter.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Can you remember a time in your life when somebody did something kind for you? I can remember alot of times and recently. How do you feel when someone shows you kindness?

I think of the story in Luke, about the good samaritan. A hated foreigner who stops to help a beat down man who was robbed. He showed kindness and took time out to help this man.

I think that is it. It does not take much to do something kind. You do not need to spend hours preparing or money spent. It is free and can be as simple as a smile or warm welcome to a new face at church, or to a stranger down the street. There are millions of kind gestures that you can do daily.

Thinking of the way you feel after someone displays kindness should be reason enough to show kindness yourself. Some people feel that being kind is being a pushover, but remmeber we are to model these fruits of the spirit. I think kindness is an easy one, and can become a healthy habit!

Has anyone done something kind for you lately that you want to share?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


This is one area I struggle with greatly. I tend to be very impatient when I have stress going on in my life. I need to get a handle on this since let's face it there will always be some sort of stress in ones life. I find that when I am trying to tackle too much at once I become very impatient when things do not "go right". No excuse, I know, this is not the example I want to display for my kids or others around me.

I think recognizing area's in your life that you need help with is the first step, much prayer after that. This is one of the reasons I love to be reminded of the fruits of the spirit. It is then I know the traits I want to have and live out in my life.

I think of how God is so patient with all of us, he has all the time in the world, there is never a rush, he is there ALWAYS.

I recognize that I get most impatient when I am trying to get something done and then something else pops up. It has been a valuable lesson for me to plan a bit more. I am not great at this, but it has it's perks. Just by getting some dinner prepped mid day helps the after school rush. Then I can spend time with my kids hearing all about their day, isn't that more important?

What area's of your life cause you impatience?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


How many of us struggle with being at peace in our lives? It is so easy to be at peace when you are sipping coffee in a recliner, looking at the water on a lake or listening to your favorite pastor's sermon on a Sunday morning. But what about having an at peace feeling in the midst of chaos?

During the last year with our financial struggles I have found that I am at most peace when I give my worries and fears over to the Lord. I do not know when I will have to move, or where. I do not know if my husband can continue his job as a business owner. There are alot of uncertainties in my life right now, but one thing that brings me absolute peace is trusting and having faith. It has been an invaluable life lesson that I thank God for daily.

Christ's peace is more powerful than our daily struggles.

If you want peace to be at the center of your heart listen to this verse...

Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, since as members of one body you were called to peace". Col.3:15

Let Jesus in so that you may have peace at the center of your life this lenten season and always.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today our fruit of the spirit is JOY.

The fruit of the spirit is the work of the spirit in our lives. When I read about all the fruits of the spirit I want to be like all of them all the time. I then remember it is something that happens to you because of your softened heart and your letting Jesus into it.

The holy spirit works in you and you portray these "fruits" naturally as Christ lives in your hearts. By Christ living in your hearts the character traits that are found in Christ can be found in us.

You can't pretend to be "joyful". In the midst of the daily grind with bills to be paid,frustrating experiences, problems at work/home, don't let your joy be taken from you.

Jesus entered this world with joy, the angels said"I bring you good news of great joy" Luke2:10
He also left this world giving joy, shortly before his death he said" I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete" John 15:11

So where do we turn to to find joy this lenten season and always? The only answer at all times any time is in JESUS.


Today is my third child, my only son's 2nd birthday. It is so hard to believe that he has been with us for 2 years already. What an exciting addition he has been to our family and he is ALL boy, after having two daughter's he really keeps me on my toes.

He was born two years ago on Easter Sunday.

I want to share a quick story about his birth.

During my third pregnancy I felt almost the same as my others, only a little more movement going on in there. We never found out the gender of the baby.

On the Saturday night, the night before Easter my husband and I watched the The Passion Of The Christ, like we did every year since it had been on DVD. As we were watching the movie my husband commented on how he liked the way Jesus sounded in Aramaic, it sounded like Yeshua (Joshua), he said if it is a boy he thought that name would be nice.

Well later that night my water broke and off to the hospital we went (2 weeks early).I had been wanting the baby to be born on April 15th, that was my dad's birthday. To our surprise and delight we had a beautiful baby boy born on Easter Sunday. We named him Joshua and were so happy with the meaning "The Lord Saves".

His birth is such a happy memory for me, the fact we had a son and the fact he was born on Easter Sunday. God had better plans for the birthdate of our child than I could have ever wished for.

During this pregnancy I had secretly been hoping for a boy, so that when he grew older he could share some of the more manly stuff with my husband. Little did I know the great joy and bond a son could bring to his mother. It has been a busy, exciting time with this little guy. I look forward to the many more "firsts" that I will experience with a son and I cherish all the memories I have with him.

I thank God for him daily.

Happy Birthday Joshua!!

Monday, April 6, 2009


In my bible reading I have just finished Deuteronomy and am halfway through Joshua. Each time I read these Old Testament stories it is like the first time all over again. There is so much to learn and grasp and each time I read it I learn something new. I have left off with Joshua fighting the battle of Jericho. Exciting stuff.

In my daily devotional I am studying the friuts of the spirit.

But the friut of the spirit is Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. Galatians 5:22

It seems always so simple to live these out, yet a struggle in the everyday situations that life brings. I thought it would be a nice idea to go over each of the fruits of the spirit. I can't promise everyday updates with it being Holy Week and all, but maybe this can be an additional quiet time to ponder with God.

The first is Love.

Look up Love in the back of your bible, you will see multiple listings. The word and meaning are very important and Jesus mentions them alot.

There are all kinds of things we love.......I love apples, I love chocolate, I love my family...etc

But the kind of love Jesus demonstrates is "agape" love. This is love in the highest order. This is selfless love. This is love that is not centered on yourself but on others. This is the kind of love Jesus loves us with. When we sin he loves us with "agape" love. When we run away from God's word he loves us with "agape" love. Love is the essence of God.

This is real love. It is not that we loved God,but that he loved us.....1John 4:10

Friday, April 3, 2009


I read an article the other day about surviving on one income. The author challenged his readers to cut one whole salary out from a two income family. The author suggested to save this money and really try to live on one income. You can imagine the thoughts of horror from most folks.

This is great advice in these times. With unemployment at it's highest, no job is really secure anymore. What if the unexpected happens? Survival in the last year around here has been pretty simple. We are using cash only for all purchases, there is no more credit and we are only buying what is needed, period.

A few things I have been doing since the start of this financial mess is.....

1. Clipping coupons (this has worked wonders in my grocery budget)

2. Cooking in bulk (extra meals for the freezer)

3. Planting a garden (fresh veggies in the summer months)

4. Canning food in season

5. Lowering the thermostat(cuts down on heat bills)

6.Cooking with less meat on average in a week (Lots of no meat meals that are filling)

7. Planning meals with the store sales

8. Making some of my own cleaners and household products

I cannot control the economy, but I can make small changes that make a big impact and so can you. Over time I have noticed a little more wiggle room in the budget by being diligent in this area, and I am amazed at how far things go.

So as the author suggested this challenge would be a great experience for any couple with two incomes. Imagine a new married couple banking one whole income. It is traditional advice that has been around a long time, to live on less than you make.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Do you ever have the experience of reading what you need to hear at the right time? Almost like God just threw a book or quote in your face? Well with a 9 1/2 year old daughter in the house, I am thinking alot of the next phase in her life. All the changes that are around the corner. The teenage years and how she will value herself and how she will look at her mom and dad as examples of how a couple interacts.

I came across this daily devotion that I get every morning in my e-mail inbox. I thought it was quite interesting. It lead me to think of the importance this issue has on daughters and sons. The importance of abstinence and the importance of really praying for your child's future husband or wife. I am pretty traditional and use the bible for pointing out the roles of wives and the roles of husbands. With me being a homemaker and my husband the provider we have traditional roles. This article encouraged me to continue to point out the importance of the christian household and the importance of praying for it for ourselves and others, as there are so many "worldly temptations" to tear it down.

I agree with this article, as you will read, it is about single moms, who choose to have a baby thinking that they do not need a husband or father in the house.

"A Good Idea At The Time"

April 1, 2009

And the LORD God said, "It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him." Genesis 2:18

The Center for Disease Control has announced the figure: unwed mothers account for 40 percent of all babies born in the U.S. Buried in the findings is another statistic: less than one fourth of those births happen to teenagers.

Simply stated, those figures mean many women -- women who know what they are doing -- have decided marriage and children don't necessarily go hand-in-hand.

Many of these women who have themselves come from broken homes, have decided some men aren't spiritually, emotionally, morally, and financially fit to be fathers. That's understandable. What is not understandable is why these ladies get involved with these guys at all.

What the Center for Disease Control doesn't say is this: children born to single mothers have a much higher incidence of being poor, having behavioral and psychological problems, dropping out of school, and having their own one-parent families.

The Center for Disease Control doesn't say, as Isabel Sawhill of the Brookings Institution said to Congress in 1999, that the increase in single-parent families mostly due to unwed motherhood "can account for virtually all of the increase in child poverty since 1970."

Finally, the Center for Disease Control doesn't say the Lord was right when He decreed men and women were designed to support each other in a life-long commitment to Him and each other.

Most certainly, the world, sin, and Satan do their best to place terrible burdens, problems, and pains upon any family. Without the Savior and the ongoing presence and power of the Holy Spirit, every household will find itself strained to the breaking point.

Still, God's intentions are clear and His blessings are promised to husbands and wives who follow the Savior and try to glorify Him with their lives and at their own family altar. By His grace, may the statistics of such committed Christian men and women also grow and be a witness to our sinful, selfish world.

THE PRAYER: Heavenly Father, many people are following a path of reason that will cause problems for them and their children. Today, I ask You to strengthen Christian homes so all may know the value of husbands and wives who are committed to You and each other. In Jesus' Name, I ask it. Amen.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tomorrow is a fun day for my kids, my oldest daughter has a good friend, and it is his birthday tomorrow, so she always has a bag full of tricks and treats. We also have various "just kidding" jokes that we do for April Fools Day.

On a more serious note tomorrow is also the day we will be starting our tradition of opening the Resurrection Eggs. The Resurrection Eggs are 12 filled plastic eggs in a plastic carton re telling the story of Easter. There is a short story and a scripture verse and there is something different in each egg! The first egg starts with a donkey, explaining how Jesus rode a lowly donkey into Jerusalem and the last egg ends with an empty egg for the empty tomb on Easter Sunday.

This a wonderful hands on tool for the kids to get involved in and it keeps them excited sharing the great story of Jesus and his resurrection. Check out the Family Life website or type in for more info, it would also be quite easy to make your own out of plastic eggs and an old egg cart.

How about you guys,are there any traditions you have with your family to share the good news and events leading upto Easter Sunday?