Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So yesterday began my new chapter in the bible- Exodus. This new way I am trying to read through the entire bible in 09- is working, for me. I have tried various outlines of dates and the following scripture you should read at that particular day. It may work for some, but I would always feel BAD if I didn't get it accomplished for whatever reason. I am just sitting and reading when I have time and it is working great. First thing in the morning is ideal, but it doesn't always happen.

What I find amazing everytime I am brought back to the beginning of the bible, is that the stories are so interesting and so easy to read or explain to little ones. I mean what little one would not enjoy Noah's Ark or the triumph of Joseph's story?

So in Exodus I am reminded of Moses birth. I mean what an amazing story in itself, his mother hid him from authorities who wanted to kill infant boys and then 3 months later places him in the river's bank. The very means of that river bank would save him.

I love hearing questions from the kids like "How could she do that?" "Doesn't she love him?".What an AWESOME opportunity as parents we have to explain the power of the Lord on your side and the wonderful things that become of it. My heart aches for this mother who had to give her baby up, what she must of felt, but then I am reminded of God's love and his "plan"for each and everyone of us, and what he did on that cross for us, it was all for a reason and purpose.

So I encourage all you mothers to read these simple stories that your children will understand either in Children's books or straight from the bible. Enjoy this precious time and get ready for lot's of questions.

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