Thursday, January 15, 2009


In my readings through Genesis last night (my goal to read through the bible BIBLE READING )I couldn't help but smile. I was reading about Noah and his faithfulness to the Lord and how the Lord blessed him and made a covenant with him that he would not flood the entire earth again. A rainbow was a reminder of that promise from God.

My older two are 6 and 9 now and I remember teaching them about the promise that God made to Noah , and every time you see a rainbow you should be reminded of that covenant.
It was so cute to see their excitement every time we saw a rainbow and how much they absorbed the information we gave them. I have a 20 month old now and I am excited to teach him all these great little details about God's word in a way he can grasp.

It just reminded me how simply we can all teach our children about God's love.
I would love to hear ways in which you all teach your young children about God,please share in the comments below.


  1. We do the usual stuff, study scripture, pray, go to church.

    I think one of the most important ways is to remember G-d in little ways all through out the day. YOu see a beautiful sunset, mention G-d. Something good happens, thank G-d. Something bad happens, ask G-d for help. Do this often and in front of your kids and they will have Heavenly Father in their hearts, and it will become a way of life.

  2. LInda, I didn't realize until I started teaching my son's 2 year old Sunday school class just how much these little people can understand at such a young age. So, I try to teach my son all day long about God in little ways. It unbelievable just how much he takes in!

  3. yes it is, and when your children get older it is such a blessing to see what you have taught is sinking in.

  4. Thank you for feedback on my blog,I appreciate it! I've been reading your blog as well I,m enjoying ,Thanks.