Monday, January 12, 2009


I am embarking on a goal this year, I want to read the bible front to back in 2009. Now let me begin to explain that I always "start" and I always read, but with no certain "structure to it ".
By the time February rolls around I get "bored or confused" in the books of Leviticus and Numbers, with so much of the law.

I talked with my husband about this and he has read the bible 5 times or so front to back and he encouraged me to do the same. He explained it like a novel, reading beginning to end, any other way would make no sense.

I have started from the beginning this month and now I am making myself accountable for finishing. I am excited about this, I have tried alot in the past, with no success.
I am not going to follow a "rigid" plan, because raising three kids, the unexpected can always happen(let's face it life happens). However I am reading when I can and I am confident I will finish by Dec 09.

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