Monday, January 26, 2009


Over the last year I have seen the benefits of using coupons at the grocery store. Im not talking about the occasional 1 0r 2 coupons. I am talking about buying only whats on sale with coupons for the ultimate in savings.
Didyou know that most grocery stores double coupons upto .50. That means if Chex mix is on sale for .99 and you have a .50 coupon, guess what ....the store owes you a penny for Chex Mix.
The money that I have saved at the grocery store on food for my family is amazing. I feel like it is my duty as a mother and wife to make wise choices with our money. It is incredible the amount of money you can save. Here is a list of some things that help............
1. Know your prices, when a sale is good and you have coupons for that item buy a few.
2. Get a newspaper on Sunday for the coupon inserts. I usually get 2-3 papers a week for the ultimate in saving.
3. Don't waste time and gas going to 5 different stores. Stay close to home and pick a store or 2.
4. Follow your stores weekly insert. Plan meals around these items.
5.Use your freezer for cheap reduced produce that you may not be able to eat right away.
Every Sunday I will get my papers and my store insert for the following week and I will sit down and cut coupons and file them. Then I plan my meals for the week. This usually takes less than an hour, if I stay on top of my coupon cutting. It has proved to be so worth it, I have cut our grocery budget in almost HALF.
I hope some of these ideas help you save on your grocery bill every week.

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