Sunday, February 1, 2009


With our oldest daughter now being in fourth grade, each quarter there is that opportunity to make the honor roll, high honor roll or principal's list(all A's). The first quarter she made honor roll and now this past second quarter she made high honor roll. Needless to say we are very proud of her and the discussion of "payment" came up (on her end of course). It went something like this " Can I have a dollar for getting high honor roll?". We laughed, and then got to thinking......

Now we have never paid our kids to do chores, simply because I feel they need to be responsible and help out in their home, we are all part of this family and we should all do our part. The discussion of "payment" for good grades got my brain thinking. I thought that it is their "job" to go to school and to do well , and that should result in an award. So upon discussion with the man of the house we decided that honor roll would reward x amount of dollar, along with high honor roll resulting in x amount of dollars and of course if we should ever see principal's list it would result in x amount of dollars.

Now I know there are many different avenues to look at payment, either for good grades or for making beds. We are going to stick to our "helping out around the house just because we live here" rule, and we will entertain the new rule of "payment, or should I say reward" for good grades. Now she is my oldest so this is new to us, but I hope to make this an incentive for hard work = payoff. Hopefully this will remind her as she is rushing through math that she needs to go back and check for mistakes and work hard, we will see.

Has anyone else out there paid for good grades or do you have any thoughts or ideas to share?
Please feel free, I would love to hear some input.

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