Sunday, February 8, 2009


Over this past weekend I finished the book of Exodus, so I am on to start Leviticus tommorow. I have to stress again the difference for me in reading the bible with some order, (front to back) instead of picking it up and randomly reading. This has been helpful and beneficial to me teaching me more about patience and diligence as I am trying to acheive a goal for myself this year(to read through the entire Bible in order). That is not to say that I do not need my daily dose of Proverbs or Psalms, but I have my bookmark inserted where I leave off everyday.

Something that stands out to me as I finish this book is how impatient the Israelites were and I also think about false idols.
As Moses was up at Mount Sinai getting detailed instructions from God on how his people should live, the Israelites grew impatient, appearantly they felt 40 days was to long to wait. So what do they do, they worship a golden calf, a false God. Which brings me to think about the things we all worship, all of the false God's in our lives. For some people that may be power,television, the computer, money or the gym, basically anything you abuse that gets in the way of your true relationship with God.

It is good to periodically take a look at your priorities and line them up with how you are living out your life. If too many false Gods are competing with more important things, it is time to re-evaluate.

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