Monday, February 2, 2009


I have been anxiously awaiting the release of the dvd Fireproof. My husband and I don't get away to often with little ones, but when we do, we usually go out to eat or something and save movies for when we can rent them at home or buy them. This past Friday was my husband's birthday, so I thought what a great gift, for both of us:)

Last night when the kiddies went to bed we had a chance to watch it. What a great movie and reminder to so many that if your priorities are off and the Lord is not number 1 in your life that your marriage and other relationships will fail and struggle. While watching this struggling couple that was headed for divorce I saw friends and family members and even my own marriage at times, portrayed through this couple and the issues and attitudes they had towards each other.

I believe this movie can be a lifesaver or should I say "marriage saver", for struggling couples as well as couples who are on the right path, but need constant reminders of the unity of marriage and what it means to be one. Above all make the Lord number 1 in your lives and at least you both know you are on the right path.

Let's face it marriage goes through highs and lows and with all the pressures out in this world today , it can sometimes be hard to stay focused. This is a sinful world that would want you to believe your better off getting a divorce or giving up, but this movie was a reminder to the covenant partners make before God on their wedding day. Amen to that.

If you get a chance check out
I don't normally buy movies, but this is a great one to have in your household.

If anyone else has seen this movie or read the correlating book The Love Dare, leave a comment below.

Update: I added a song from the movie Fireproof. This is from Playlist, I have not yet figured out how to set it up to listen to if you want to listen, it automatically plays, so if you cannot read and listen scroll to the bottom of the page and click the arrow to turn it off. It is my hope to get this switched. Im still learning:) By the way the song is Love is not a fight, by Warren Barfield.


  1. I can't wait to see this movie, I have only heard good things about it. It is on our netflix list, but there is a long wait for it.

  2. Have you read The Love Dare? I am thinking that will be our next purchase, a nice book to add to our family library.