Thursday, February 26, 2009


The third F in this blog title should be FAMILY, as I enjoy talking about their personal growth as well as my own.

I have a cute little story to tell. The other night my daughters and I were watcing a show called Clean House. The show helps people de clutter and organize their home, by selling, donating and throwing out a vast majority of the stuff. We watched this a few months back when we were all sick. We vegged out all day napping and watching back to back episodes of this show.

As we were watching the show, a commercial came on about a show called Peter Perfect, I can't even tell you much about that show, nothing I would be interested in watching. Anyhow my 6 year old said" nobody's perfect, only Jesus is perfect".

At that,I agreed and chuckled to myself. I love to watch and see their faith grow as well as reflect on my own.

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