Monday, February 23, 2009


So here I am every Monday, (garbage night) going through the house and filling bags. Bags of stuff I don't even remember entering this home. I am a minimalist, and looking at the stuff we have collected over the years, you would never know it. I think part of the problem I have faced is that I was introduced to garage sales a few years back and I have alot of great friends who give us "hand me down clothes and toys for the kids" that I always take. We are so appreciative for this, but I need to "pick through" and not keep ALL the stuff given to us, we simply don't need it all.

The problem with "stuff", is that it gets in the way of simplicity and peaceful living. Your children do not need 20 sundresses to choose from in the summertime. This just complicates and contradicts what we are teaching to our children, we are telling them to put people first, not things, (so then why does mom have 20 boxes of the next size clothes?) May be confusing for a child?My goal is to be organized, have the next size clothes for my kids on hand, be prepared for the next season. This not only makes sense, it saves time and money. However, I need to keep it in contents and not go overboard, back to my minimalist self.

I tend to get overwhelmed with to much clutter and stuff, so slowly getting rid of things makes sense to me. The other reason I have been enjoying "garbage night", is because I don't know where we will be living, I don't know how soon we will have to be out yet, so it makes me feel better, knowing I am going through this STUFF slowly, not all at once.As I sit and write this post I think of the few "gotta have items" that are dear to me. If I had to take just 5 things with me,(not including my husband and children) they would be....

1. My bible
2. My favorite book box
3. My photos
4. Box of old love letters and cards from hubby
5. Family videos of our children

And so all this stuff that I am going through and pitching or donating every week, isn't even counted as a top item I would take with me, if I had only 5 to choose from. It kind of makes you think of why are lives are crowded with so much of this "stuff" in the first place.This has been an interesting topic to sit and ponder this afternoon.

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