Thursday, February 12, 2009


These last few weeks have been difficult as we have been waiting for some results and some numbers coming back from our mortgage company. I have been preparing myself for months now that we may have to leave, and my husband and I are both o.k with that, however there has always been that tiny thought in the back of my mind" maybe the results will be do- able".

Our mortgage company contacted us yesterday and gave us an option with different terms, not to much better than we had before, and that's ok. You see they are still offering us an interest only loan, which in my opinion should not even exist, it is the reason lots of people have gotten into trouble concerning their mortgages.

Of course we rebudle back and tell them we want a fixed rate, that is all we want. Who wants to throw money out the window every month and not pay down their mortgage? So the ball sits in their court, im not to hopeful and I don't understand all these programs everyone keeps talking about to keep homeowners in their homes. We have been round and round for about 8 months now and not getting to far. I mean im just a housewife but why do these banks act like they are willing to do so much for you and that is not the case. Why would they want more bank owned homes, it seems simple to me, lock everyone who has these horrible interest only APR loans at a locked in rate. It would give everyone some kind of certainty and not wonder what their payment is going to be month to month.

More waiting, this situation of ours has taught me so much about patience. When you have to go through certain trials in your life, it is best to come out more knowledgable and learn something along the way. My husband reminded me this morning that it is "all in the Lord's hand" and to not put pressure on myself to "figure this out" (something i normally want to do) I have to wait........and follow his lead, I know it will be a better lead than anything I could come up with.

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