Tuesday, March 24, 2009


With the year we have experienced, I am always looking for outside resources to bring in a little extra cash. I have been using Cash4books along with Craigslist.

Who would have thought that a cute little leotard like this one could bring some money in this winter? I actually have several of these, my daughter took dance for one season, and I have all these outfits left.

I have been posting things on Craigslist, and I am amazed at the things people buy and the price that people pay. Who doesn't love to look through old stuff that you do not use anyway and sell it! One of my favorite things to do.

I like Craigslist better than EBay because it is local and instant,although I would recommend having your husband go with you and meet at a specific location, for safety sake.

I Love garage sales, I love having them and shopping them, so this has been a real treat for me, as I naturally like to get rid of things I no longer use. The winter tends to get very long by March and cabin fever starts to set in.

I still can't wait until garage sale season, my kids enjoy selling lemonade and cookies alongside them. There is nothing like a subdivision having a sale and stopping at multiple homes to search their junk, your treasure. Ahh I can't wait to shop outside.

How about you guys, do you like garage sales? Do you have any yourselves? I would love to hear.

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