Wednesday, March 25, 2009


As I shared a few posts back about the Israelites complaining and grumbling about being hungry and thirsty, I thought of a real life story I could share.

Now I don't tell this story to boast, I just feel it fitting, because lately I have been complaining, and EVERYTHING I NEED is right here in front of me to enjoy. So here is the story........

This past summer our church started a "lost coin" jar, and everytime you find a coin, you are challenged to put it in this jar and think of saving someone that is lost.

Fast forward to the end of summer.........

Here I am at home making a grocery list out, complaining to myself because I have limited funds (this is when our money issues started getting really tight) I basically had under thirty dollars on my debit card and needed some essentials. So here I am with a sour attitude and just plain irritated that I could not go to Kroger and splurge $100.00 on this particular day and get lots of food.

As I enter the store with 3 kids in tow, I am surprised at the markdowns I am finding, and I also had just learned about coupons (typically saving at least $30.00 on an average week). I mean I was really finding some great deals on food that were not mentioned in the ad I was looking at.I instantly Thank God, and knew that he provides ALL our needs, feeling foolish for the way I felt hours earlier.

So I get to the checkout and I spend like $25.00, but I have quite a few bags to show for it. On our way out to the car my oldest daughter spots a $20.00 bill on the ground and then I come up to 2 more! Loosely flying around the parking lot. Now I feel really foolish, here I spent what I had, got lots of food, and now we find $60.00.

My daughter asks if we can keep it, and I think well there is no wallet, we continue to look around, and then I feel like okay if I return it to the clerk anyone is going to say it is their money right? So I call my husband and the wise generous man that he is tells me to put it in the lost coin jar at church. What an example for our kids to witness. WOW, why didn't I think of that?

So I pack all kids in the car, and I know that we are struggling with getting consistent checks through my husband's business. So I keep $40.00 in the car glove box for more food we will need later in the week. Then I give my oldest two the $20.00 bill and I stop at the church telling them to run in and drop it off in the LOST COIN jar.

All the while I am thanking God for providing and blessing us and I am grateful for my husband's advise and the opportunity we had as parents to show our children how important it is to Give.


  1. thanks for the tip on K-mart 2.00 coupon doubling. I had a great savings run. Got some kellogs cereal, bliss candy, suave body wash, gillet body wash, razors, head and sholders and some other great deals. I paid 0.19 for some of the body wash, and the candy was only $1. all in all I saved $40. thanks for the sensational savings. TMP