Wednesday, March 18, 2009


So I just got out of a hot bath. I have taken a bath every night since ....forever. Who wouldn't love a hot bath in a jacuzzi tub?:) I end up doing a lot of deep thinking.

There is a wall tapestry in our bathroom from my father's funeral and it says When God Closes One Door He Opens Another. I see that wall hanging everyday and every night. The other door that opened in my dad's case was my son being born. One life done, and one life just beginning (he passed when I was 3 months pregnant) As I stared at the saying tonight, I thought "that's it"! I had an epiphany I guess. With each complicated situation in my life right now, there will be another door opened, there has to be.

In losing our home, there is going to have to be another "door opened" somewhere. In the situation with my husband's business there has to be another "door opened" .

I like looking back over our lives and seeing all the "doors that opened for us". Just when things seem so bad, something new comes in and "opens up" for us.

I have to continue to cling to my scripture verses, continue to pray, continue to have hope and faith, and I have to remember that when God closes these doors, there will be another to open.
Who would have thought this remembrance from my dad's funeral would speak to me in the trials of my life?


  1. God's ways are not our ways. I think it is fantastic that you can have faith and know HE will take care you and the family. It may not have been the door you would first choose, but HE knows best and loves you more than you can imagin; so He opens it and welcomes us to come and be apart of His best plan. You are wonderful to see the hope and not get stuck in the worry or gloom. tmp

  2. Sometimes it is so hard to see that open window! Once again wonderful reminder!