Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Tomorrow is a fun day for my kids, my oldest daughter has a good friend, and it is his birthday tomorrow, so she always has a bag full of tricks and treats. We also have various "just kidding" jokes that we do for April Fools Day.

On a more serious note tomorrow is also the day we will be starting our tradition of opening the Resurrection Eggs. The Resurrection Eggs are 12 filled plastic eggs in a plastic carton re telling the story of Easter. There is a short story and a scripture verse and there is something different in each egg! The first egg starts with a donkey, explaining how Jesus rode a lowly donkey into Jerusalem and the last egg ends with an empty egg for the empty tomb on Easter Sunday.

This a wonderful hands on tool for the kids to get involved in and it keeps them excited sharing the great story of Jesus and his resurrection. Check out the Family Life website or type in www.resurrectioneggs.com for more info, it would also be quite easy to make your own out of plastic eggs and an old egg cart.

How about you guys,are there any traditions you have with your family to share the good news and events leading upto Easter Sunday?

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