Thursday, March 12, 2009


Over the last few years my husband and his brother have bought lunch everyday at work. I have been telling him that over time a little bit here and there really adds up. He never really thought much of it, until recently. We are cutting corners everywhere, and with his business not doing the greatest, he asked me for my help.

I have learned to save lots at stores with coupon and in ad sales. Cooking homemade saves a lot as well. We cannot control every bill, heat prices rising, gas prices, etc... but we can control our spending by having coffee at home, saving $1.00 a day x 5 days = $5.00 a week- $20.00 a month, you get the picture.

So back to my challenge, he is bringing me $25.00 a week from his business money, so that I can pack lunches for his brother and him. I had said that I could probably do it less than that with proper planning. This was my first week and I spent under $20.00!!

Im glad to help and also glad they are not throwing money out the window on lunches, that can be more in our pockets.

Here is what I made this week..

Mon- Turkey sandwiches- fruit- chips
Tue- Roast beef- chips- oranges
Wed- Chef salad- apple pie- french bread
Thur-Sauerkraut and sausage stew- fruit salad-
Fri- Egg salad sandwiches- nachos salsa- apple pie

This may be a fun challenge to share with others with new ideas and recipes to keep it fresh and not boring. What about you guys, do you pack lunch, do you try to use variety or do you or your husband buy?

Maybe next week I'll get around to pictures and we can share our lists!

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  1. It is hard to say what we save by packing lunches for my husband, I usually cook enough the night before to send some the next day or two. I also send cut up carrotts, an apple or a hard boiled egg. We save a lot of money doing it this way.