Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I have to confess that since we have been on this foreclosure journey my attitude toward my house has been sour, to say the least. I have taken to the feelings of "it's not going to be mine anyways". Simple things like not wanting to maintain necessary upkeep, from weeding outside, to touching up the paint in some areas.

I think that this is just a normal feeling when you are faced with losing something. You go through many different stages, anger, stressed, sad, ok.........etc. It has been a roller coaster of a year to say the least. I have however felt God nudging me towards taking better care of my stuff. I mean this is still my home and if I cannot be trusted with little, how can I be trusted with anything more?

The last few weeks with the sun breaking and all, has gotten me in gear. I have been almost nesting as a pregnant woman would do. Cleaning alot, going through alot and just trying to keep things simple. I am a simple person, who does not like a lot of clutter and mess. I LOVE simplicity. So I am happy to be back on board:) My house or not, I am still living here and I still need to be a good steward of my belongings.

I just thought this was a different aspect to share, in case there is anyone else out there going through foreclosure. When you feel threatened you react, sometimes not in the right way. I want to leave my house gracefully and know that I did my best for my husband and children.

I am motivated more than ever to kick things up a notch and get spring cleaning already.

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