Tuesday, April 28, 2009


When I hear the word gentleness there are many ways we can demostrate that word. The disciplining of a child who needs correction, the way we talk to our elders that need help, the caring for a helpless new baby. How about talking to a doubter or unbeliever? I find myself in the heat of many conversations at family gatherings or parties with my family. My brother does not believe that the bible has any relevance in this day and age and openly admits to not believing there is only one way to get to heaven.

A few years ago when I was embarking on this new journey of mine, I could not help but share what I had learned and wanted all my family to understand what I am now understanding. At first these "discussions" got heated and I did not handle them "gently". As time goes on I may never change my brothers mind or anyone else I come in contact with, however, treating the situation gently has helped. After all we are supposed to model the fruits of the spirit.

I pray for my brother to open his mind and listen , I will keep trying with lots of patience and gentleness.

Have you ever encountered a situation where your beliefs and values were not shared with someone? Was is hard to model gentleness in that area?

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