Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to everyone, today we touch upon "goodness".

How many of you can think of something good in your life? Years ago I came across this little paragraph from a book I was reading at the time and I wanted to share it today with you....

Take a look at your life. Think about the moments and events- the details- and see how far you've come. Those "good things" weren't coincidences. You weren't just lucky. If your heart has followed after God, then God has been leading you, and you have been doing his will, perhaps without even knowing it.

When I first read that I had an epiphany. I thought of all the "good things" that had happened in my life over the last few years... marriage, children, building our home, making new christian friends, finding a church we love and school that belongs to it for our children , christian education and a pastor we love to name a few. All these things were brought to us from above, I really felt it for the first time. God blessed us with these "good things" such goodness in our lives.

Think back over the last few years at what God has brought into your lives. Indeed the best is your salvation through his death and resurrection.

Happy Easter.

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  1. I count your family among the good things that have happened to me, and I don't think it was a coincidence!