Friday, April 10, 2009


Can you remember a time in your life when somebody did something kind for you? I can remember alot of times and recently. How do you feel when someone shows you kindness?

I think of the story in Luke, about the good samaritan. A hated foreigner who stops to help a beat down man who was robbed. He showed kindness and took time out to help this man.

I think that is it. It does not take much to do something kind. You do not need to spend hours preparing or money spent. It is free and can be as simple as a smile or warm welcome to a new face at church, or to a stranger down the street. There are millions of kind gestures that you can do daily.

Thinking of the way you feel after someone displays kindness should be reason enough to show kindness yourself. Some people feel that being kind is being a pushover, but remmeber we are to model these fruits of the spirit. I think kindness is an easy one, and can become a healthy habit!

Has anyone done something kind for you lately that you want to share?

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