Friday, April 3, 2009


I read an article the other day about surviving on one income. The author challenged his readers to cut one whole salary out from a two income family. The author suggested to save this money and really try to live on one income. You can imagine the thoughts of horror from most folks.

This is great advice in these times. With unemployment at it's highest, no job is really secure anymore. What if the unexpected happens? Survival in the last year around here has been pretty simple. We are using cash only for all purchases, there is no more credit and we are only buying what is needed, period.

A few things I have been doing since the start of this financial mess is.....

1. Clipping coupons (this has worked wonders in my grocery budget)

2. Cooking in bulk (extra meals for the freezer)

3. Planting a garden (fresh veggies in the summer months)

4. Canning food in season

5. Lowering the thermostat(cuts down on heat bills)

6.Cooking with less meat on average in a week (Lots of no meat meals that are filling)

7. Planning meals with the store sales

8. Making some of my own cleaners and household products

I cannot control the economy, but I can make small changes that make a big impact and so can you. Over time I have noticed a little more wiggle room in the budget by being diligent in this area, and I am amazed at how far things go.

So as the author suggested this challenge would be a great experience for any couple with two incomes. Imagine a new married couple banking one whole income. It is traditional advice that has been around a long time, to live on less than you make.

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