Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Today is my third child, my only son's 2nd birthday. It is so hard to believe that he has been with us for 2 years already. What an exciting addition he has been to our family and he is ALL boy, after having two daughter's he really keeps me on my toes.

He was born two years ago on Easter Sunday.

I want to share a quick story about his birth.

During my third pregnancy I felt almost the same as my others, only a little more movement going on in there. We never found out the gender of the baby.

On the Saturday night, the night before Easter my husband and I watched the The Passion Of The Christ, like we did every year since it had been on DVD. As we were watching the movie my husband commented on how he liked the way Jesus sounded in Aramaic, it sounded like Yeshua (Joshua), he said if it is a boy he thought that name would be nice.

Well later that night my water broke and off to the hospital we went (2 weeks early).I had been wanting the baby to be born on April 15th, that was my dad's birthday. To our surprise and delight we had a beautiful baby boy born on Easter Sunday. We named him Joshua and were so happy with the meaning "The Lord Saves".

His birth is such a happy memory for me, the fact we had a son and the fact he was born on Easter Sunday. God had better plans for the birthdate of our child than I could have ever wished for.

During this pregnancy I had secretly been hoping for a boy, so that when he grew older he could share some of the more manly stuff with my husband. Little did I know the great joy and bond a son could bring to his mother. It has been a busy, exciting time with this little guy. I look forward to the many more "firsts" that I will experience with a son and I cherish all the memories I have with him.

I thank God for him daily.

Happy Birthday Joshua!!

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  1. Very special to be born on Easter Sunday. I have a two year old boy too, he is my only son. It is amazing to me after having 4 girls how very diffrent boys are.