Sunday, May 31, 2009


My little girl is blogging!

She has seen me get so excited about the coupon deals on my other blog and asked me if she could have her own blog. She is almost 10, and I was quite surprised at first and then the idea was growing on me. She wants to write about her day and show pictures of the few fruits she is growing in the yard this year and she has a bunch of creative ideas, so I said YES, but I wanted to help:) I went to and read that you can have a blog that needs an invitation from the author to be invited and read the site. I was really happy about that, because I really try to stay safe on the internet.

So she has already wrote 2 posts today and it is fun to watch her explore and be creative, I think it is going to be helpful to keep up the basic writing and grammar tools she has learned this year.

I can't believe time is going so fast and I have a mini blogger in the house. How about any of you, do you have kids that write on a blog?

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