Wednesday, May 13, 2009

COMING UP ON 1 YEAR................

Well we are nearing the 1 year mark since our finances took a tumble and we decided we could no longer afford our home. We have been working on trying to reduce the interest rate and get out of an interest only loan.

Reflecting back over the year, I can see changes that I am really excited about. We are still working on trying to "fix" the house mess, how successful that will be......I don't honestly know. Throughout this last year I have overcome my biggest fear......losing my house. Sure I don't want to have to lose it, but if it happens I know my family and I will be alright. There is a sense of peace about it now a year later than there was last summer. I am fully confident the Lord will carry us through this one, and what we have personally learned in the process could not have been taught otherwise. My husband and I pray daily about being led to the right opportunities, and when you hand over your worries to the Lord, nothing seems to big to tackle.

We have such a great family, friend and church family supporting and praying for us, and that means alot.

We will continue to pray for guidance and answers to these issues. I will continue to be patient and trusting. I will give updates as I hear and know more.

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