Tuesday, May 5, 2009


A few days earlier I started a series on FREE or almost FREE fun to do with the kids. I am feeling spring in the air and looking forward to all the fun and relaxing days that summer brings. My kids are off this week, and it reminds me of the joys of summer, with no schedules and less structure, we all need that from time to time.
Here are some more idea's...

5. Take advantage of the FREE classes that big stores have available. Lowes and Home Depot have Saturday morning FREE workshops, usually bird houses or some type of wood craft that is great for dad's to do with the kids. This week don't forget to take advantage of Michaels craft store FREEBIES for mom, they have workshops all week. This is great for the kids to make a special gift for mom or grandma.

6. Check out all the area's school yards to play on all the different playgrounds. Sometimes when we are in a new city or area the kids get excited to try out a new play structure.

7. Go on a bike ride. This is an obvious one, but such fun for everyone.

8. Paint the house. Not literally, give your kids a bucket of water and a paintbrush. If you have a brick house this is really cool, because it actually looks like they are painting the house. My kids like to see how much they can "paint" until it dries up from the sun.

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