Friday, May 15, 2009


Today was field day at school, so I was inspired to start planning some fun summer activities for the kids. A great tip I picked up a few years ago was to ask each kid what they would like to do in the summer, I then wrote out their ideas and my own and I put them in a summer picnic basket. Every time we needed ideas for fun, we picked something out of the basket. Anyhow, back to the frugal fun..........

9. Host your own "field day" with ribbons and all. If you are lucky enough to have more neighbor kids or friend you could invite over, the more the merrier! Plan an obstacle course in your own backyard, include jumproping, races, water balloon toss...etc..

10. Speaking of water balloon toss, what summer would not be complete without a water balloon or squirt gun fight. This is a great way to cool off, and even the little ones have fun tossing water in and out of the bucket!

11. Turn the sprinkler on, or slip n slide... I picked up a sprinkler that spouts water out of a huge ball last summer, so we are excited to get that going this summer.

12. Have your kids wash the car, complete with wiping the inside out and washing the outside! I really need my car cleaned up by summer, as I normally do not get to it much in the winter months, so I really enjoy a clean inside car all summer.

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