Friday, May 1, 2009


I'm so excited with the weather we are having today.I know it has been spring since March 20, but we get tricked and teased here in Michigan. It is either 80 out or 40, there seems to be no in between, and we have had lots of rain lately. Today is mid 60's, sun shining perfect weather.

This time of year gets me thinking about all the fun stuff there is to do outside after being cooped up all winter. We are on a spending freeze as we are saving up all our extra money for our housing crisis. Anyhow there are so many ways to have fun with the kids that involve no cost or very low cost.

I thought it would be fun to do another series, as I enjoyed the Fruits Of The Spirits. So with the weather warming up and summer quickly approaching I'm going to start Frugal Family Fun. I did not always realise you did not have to spend money at movies or shopping or your favorite family fun center. So it is my hope to share with other families the fun free stuff I have learned over the last several years.

1. Free Family Movie night in the park. Our community has a park that play FREE movies on certain Friday nights in the park. You just bring the kids and some blankets and popcorn of course and enjoy a movie on the big screen under the stars. The kids get really excited about this one because it is dark and they get to stay up later than usual. Check with your local Parks and Rec center or another city or town close to your town.

2. Summer Reading Program at the library. Again our Community Library has a FREE summer program where the kids read books to earn prizes and they also host FREE craft hours on Tuesdays for the kids. It is a nice break at 1:00p.m to come in from the sun and enjoy crafts in the cool air condition. Check with your town or another town near you. (Have I mentioned I love my small town:)

3. Have a garage sale, or shop them. We typically have 1 sale a year and the kids sell lemonade and cookies. They spend hours preparing the stand and decorating, and then they sell for a little while:) and get excited when they get a sale. Last year my girls along with the neighbors were selling for a certain charity.
Another favorite is going to garage sales. Thursday is normally day 1, so we head out early for the best finds. I will typically have the girls bring their own change and buy some small things they like. It is fun to anticipate treasures and helps them both with their math skills.

4. Go on an Exploration walk. I will write out a list of things for the kids to find...pine cone, yellow flower:), stone..etc. We bring bags and a list and head out for a walk. They have a great time doing this and it is nice to see them help each other out in finding what the other child needs.

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