Tuesday, May 5, 2009


I found a very helpful blog the other day, Tammy's Recipes. I mean who does not need new ideas in the kitchen every now and then. I know I get in ruts where it seems like I am cooking the same meals and then I forget the last time I cooked something.

She has a Kitchen Tip Tuesday, where you write in kitchen tips. So today I am going to participate!

As I mentioned above, I dislike getting into a rut in the kitchen for meals. My tip is pretty simple, yet I have to admit I sometimes do not apply it:)

I write a list of meals that my family likes. I have 30 or so meals that I know on the top of my head. So when I am at the grocery store, if those items are on sale, I pick them up and make that particular dish. Pretty simple right. I keep it in my wallet, so that there is no way I can forget it on the way out to the store.

Added tip = I only make those meals on my list that coincide with the store sales for added savings.


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  1. I have a list of all the meals I cook and it really helps me plan out my meals. We only get paid once a month so I do all my shopping one time. This also helps keep a balance in what I am cooking. If it's not on a list, I forget it!