Monday, May 4, 2009


Due to one unconfirmed case of the swine flu, our school district is closed all week. So we are planning a fun relaxed week. When the weather starts to get nicer and it stays light out until later, it is hard to get the bath/bedtime routine going so early on school nights. I am excited about a mini vacation as the kids are as well.

We have to remember to wash, wash , wash hands regularly. The school district said a fever of as little as 100.5, chills, sore throat and coughing should be of concern. The first thing they are looking for is a fever of 100.5, then they rule out all other symptoms.

We should remember to pray for the families with a diagnosed case, as it can be quite scary I imagine. Again remember to wash hands thoroughly. Hope the weather stays nice all wek:)

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