Friday, May 8, 2009


This is another poem I just read from a local christian speaker Elise Arndt. I had the privledge to hear her speak at a woman's group at my church a few years ago. What a great reminder to all mom's when we feel less than perfect.

There Are No Perfect Moms

Lord I feel so undeserving of the children you have placed in my care. The responsibilty of raising them for You is both awesome and overwhelming.

I desire to be a "perfect mom", only to realize that my actions and reactions to the circumstances around me are anything but perfect.

Remind me that there are no perfect moms- only forgiven ones- and despite my inadequacies and failures, You can still use me.

Let my arms be your arms of comfort, my heart express your heart of compassion, and my voice be your mouthpiece of encouragement as I speak Your words of love to my children.

Use my faith, as little as it seems, to point them to You, the only Perfect Parent

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