Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I know the big buzz in celebrities and show biz is Jon and Kate plus 8, and I know they have their fair share of negative tabloids lately. I have to admit I did enjoy the show when it first came out. I admire big families and I was curious as to how a household of so many children functions. In the recent problems their family has endured saddens me. I watched Fox News last night and a viewer called in and said it best, she said "the show was great when it started, it has turned into a business and for the sake of your family and children, it should be time to pull the plug on the show". Amen to that!

Now I am not here to judge a mother of 8 children when I only have 3, however as soon as your family is exploited in a way that is harmful to them or yourself, I feel the children and your marriage should be first priority.

I'm not a big fan of t.v, however I tend to enjoy a few programs on TLC, Discovery Health Channel and Fox News. You just can't miss the previews for the recent season premier on this show. I think it is sad, and I pray for them. Maybe TLC should not just be thinking about the money they are making on a family who is falling apart, and pull the plug on this show. It makes me reconsider the programs I do enjoy on TLC.

When a family show starts to have the family fall apart and be exploited, I think it is time to end.

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