Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So in my bible reading I am in the book of Psalms. After reading through Job and now halfway into Psalms, it is exactly what I needed to read. For the first time i wept reading Psalms. I very much could relate to the cries for help. We all have our struggles in life, but seeking the Lord through your trials makes you feel you can get through them all.

It has been a hard few days. We just want some normalcy back in our lives, like a steady income. It does make for trying times when you cannot get paid consistently. My husband has been applying to many jobs, any that he can actually and some are local and some are not. I pray that a job would open up for him, so that he can feel like he is providing for his family. I can't imagine what he is feeling, he is a "family first man" and thinks traditionally, that the man should provide financially for his family. I hope that the plan the Lord has is revealed soon, I am learning perserverance, which is a great quality, however life can become very stressful when your income comes to a halt.

Again, extended prayers would be appreciated, and God knew what I needed to hear over the last few days with the timing of Job and Psalms. Praise God.

Friday, June 26, 2009


If you are anything like me I read and re-read those pamphlets that are distributed at Church. I always look forward to the new ones and reflect back on the old. I keep them in a drawer in our study, separate from the books on our shelves, but they are just as inspiring and small enough to read in a short sitting, leaving you filled with the message long after you are done reading them.

I go back to certain ones from time to time whether it is a topic on grief, money management, family life, eternal life............etc.etc.... Today I reflected back on one called Life Together (Practical Tips On Living As A Family). I thought it would be fun to discuss section by section in a few part series, similar to The Fruit Of The Spirit Series I did earlier.

There are six or so chapters in this booklet and we will start with the first topic which is GIVING THANKS.

GIVING THANKS, that is something that never quite came easy to me and I find myself in more situations lately that it is necessary.

Families have an opportunity to give thanks to each other daily. By living together you experience the same joys and the same sorrows by being able to identify with each other. So with giving thanks comes a common bond that you and each member of the family receive. Think of the final messages at funerals, all the kind words expressed. Don't wait until it is to late- GIVE THANKS to each and every member of your family daily and verbally. How nice for a child to hear " I thank God for you" or "Thank you for being......".

A common bond I think of is Ruth and Naomi. "Wherever you go , I will go" Ruth 1:16. How important Naomi must have felt, a feeling of togetherness, a common bond.

So today I challenge you to give thanks to each member of your family and help them to feel the common bond you all share together. What a blessing family is.

Things to Think About.......

Who makes you feel part of a family?

If you have trouble showing appreciation to others, how can you change that?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have to laugh, because as my 6 year old walks in and sees me taking a picture of a bowl of ice cream she says "what the heck are you doing?", she was so puzzled, but I'm sure she will get used to this kind of stuff:)

Anyways.......after making breakfast this morning I had a pancake that nobody touched, so the left over batter went into the fridge and the untouched pancake was torn up over my bowl of vanilla ice cream and cut strawberries, YUM!

I love trying new things in the kitchen and I love to not waste any food!


The one thing I really like about this blog is that I can always find it:) Not that I am a messy girl with loads of stuff lying around, but seriously, when I had a journal that I wrote in, it never worked for me. My kids or husband would find it and rip paper out of it for something or another. I used to always buy pretty little notebooks and anticipate writing in them and looking back on them........

I also have a private blog that is just mine to write my thoughts in, but I do it on-line instead of a notebook and it works for me.

The area's that I hope to look back on in the future and see growth in is obviously my faith and my financial situation( I can't wait to see what pans out with our home and where we will end up living). The other area's I hope to see growth in is my trust and obedience to the Lord. I am doing lots of unit studies on being a Godly wife to my husband and a Godly mother to my kids. These topics are of great interest to me in this stage of my life.

I really didn't grow up in a christian type home, I grew up Catholic and learned little even though we went to church on Sunday. It is a very overwhelming responsibility to structure our homelife with the morals and values I desire in my kids as they grow. I don't have traditions from my own backround to fall back on, but the great thing about salvation is that God meets you where you are at, whether new believer or a 2nd or 3rd generation believer. I know that I must continue to pray in this area that the Lord would give me the knowledge I desire in raising our children to be strong in their beliefs and trust in the Lord themselves.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Okay so now I'm going to be a picture posting freak. I just wanted to know that I had better pictures on my camera (or should I say my daughter's camera). I am in the market for a new camera, so I am using a not so great quality camera my daughter received, anyways, I'm glad I learned a new thing tonight.

So this was yesterday on a gorgeous Michigan day in our backyard, lots of fun.


Okay so I am determined to post pictures:), too bad this picture is so fuzzy. I finally figured it out and after lots of trying I look back and see it was not all that difficult.

This by the way is the homemade frame my 9 year old made for daddy.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday was a great day spent with family, honoring all the dads. Although I no longer have an earthly father I feel closer than ever to our heavenly father and I take comfort that our relationship grows more each and every day.

I do need to learn how to download the pictures from our camera to these posts, I have some great pictures to share, (I will have to work on that)

My husband enjoyed a morning of opening home made gifts, (cards, and picture frame my 9 year old made out of scrap wood) Of course he loved it all! We spent an afternoon up at Lexington on Lake Huron, and it was a great time, overcast weather, but we still managed to get some red cheeks:) Although the sun finally was shining bright as we were leaving for the day , we still enjoyed the pier,playing in the sand and our feet dipped in the water.(These are the moments our kids file into their memory banks)

Hope everyone took time to honor their dads and the dads that you know, what a blessing they are in our children's lives.

Friday, June 19, 2009


It has been an overcast day all day today. Severe thunder storms are called tonight and it is just a great night to be inside.

I love summer storms, the kind where you just cuddle up on the chair and look out at the rain, it brings the family together. This morning we woke up to no power and it was out all day, until 3:00pm. That does not normally happen where we live.
My six year old said "I love it when the electricity is out" I asked her why and she just giggled with no answer(so silly today). It has been a great day of NOTHING to do, everyone needs that every once in a while:)

It was also a good lesson to show everyone how much we rely on electricity, and hopefully we will be more grateful of this convenience in the future.

Does anybody else enjoy the summer storms, another plus is everything gets a fresh watering!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


For those of you that read my recent post about a possible job opening for my husband, it was not what we thought it was. It turned out to be a different position then what we were told, but I thank my neighbor for thinking of us and all those that continually pray for the well being of our future.

I know God is in charge and this isn't it, that's okay, My husband will continue to work his business as best as he can like he has been doing. If anything else pops up we will continue to put it in the Lord's hands. Thanks for all those prayers...


As I continue my reading through the whole bible in one year goal, I have just finished the book of Esther. I really enjoyed the book of Esther and would like to do an extra bible study of some sort. If anyone has any good resources or suggestions that would be great. I have a book called Ruth and Esther that I just saw on my bookshelf from J Vernon Mcghee, so maybe I will check into that!

Any how, I am confident that I will finish my goal by the end of the year as I am approaching the New Testament, and find myself there most of the time when I used to randomly pick scripture. I'm excited to see the growth of reading the bible front to back, not just this one time, but every year.

How about you, has anyone read through front to back? What was your take on it?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So there is a local business that is hiring 2 positions that my husband can fill. Our neighbor tells my husband he knows the service manager, he is a good friend of his:) Of course after 12 years of an up and down business I'm thinking ( yeah, finally a job, steady paycheck:) Well, my husband has no problem inquiring about the job and leaving his business, I was glad to hear that. After our neighbor left we talked a little more thorough about the situation and talked about the pros and cons and the fact that nothing may come of it, but it kinda fell in his lap and he is going to proceed to find out more about it. We know after all we have been through we need to pray and ask for guidance and trust that the Lord will lead us in the way we should go.

There are no overwhelming feelings of fear, impatience(well a little:), confusion, we are just putting it all in God's hands. I'm proud of my husband for swallowing his pride and coming to the conclusion that if he needs to get a job, that is what he needs to do. He continues to try and make his business work, there are really not alot of job openings in Michigan, but he realizes that this is an opportunity that he may take advantage of.

So he is calling the manager today, I will continue to pray for the outcome and be content and patient about it. Any extra prayer would be appreciated and I will give an update when I know something.

It sure feels good to pray about something open minded with God leading. If it happens GREAT, if not that is fine too. The pressure and burden of trying to control every detail of your life, dissipates when you let God lead.

Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am very fond of homeschooling families and the whole idea behind it. I love the homeschool families I know and I love the concept of much togetherness as a family. We are part of an amazing church and school (part of the church) and for those reasons that are dear to my heart, we do not homeschool now, I take it year to year, but I have honestly been so happy with our experience with this church of ours.

Anyhow, when summer comes it is my turn to "play" homeschooler, and I know the kids need some downtime and I enjoy my own schedule, not the teachers:) So every summer I have a plan for our days..... field trips, math lessons, reading time, stories aloud,cooking time, gardening time. You get the picture, I love to plan out all the exciting things we will do and throw in some lessons while they may not even know Im teaching.

Tomorrow we will take part of our local library reading program, my girls both have a goal in mind as to how many books they want to read this summer and then later in the week we will head out to the orchards and pick strawberries, we are going to work on making jam for family and friends.

I love the break that I get in the summer as well, no deadlines, no waking up at 7:00am , no schedule. It is very laid back and very relaxing, but I still need to keep math facts fresh for the following year:)

Do any of you guys continue to teach in the summer or do you take a full break?

Thursday, June 11, 2009


If you are anything like we used to be you pay off a credit card and then have a balance a year later. What! How does that happen?
Good intentions to get out of debt, but to truly get out of debt there is a hard truth you must hear.....Stop using them. That sounds so simple and actually makes me laugh because it is so true and we don't want to hear that. On the left side of this page I have a link for Dave Ramsey and one of his stories this week is just about this.....paying credit cards off for good! Check it out, and we have made it to the other side, no credit cards, just debit cards, and it really makes you think about each and every purchase. This is a lesson and good skill for life that any couple can appreciate.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Be content with who you are,and don't put on airs. God's strong hand is on you; he'll promote you at the right time.1 Peter 5:6

As I continue to read The Cure For The Common Life by Max Lucado, I really reflect on what is happening in my life at the present time and am really enjoying this book. I wanted to share a story from a chapter about greed and how to avoid the need for greed in your life. ( I am retelling a story in this book)

There was a popcorn peddler that sold popcorn until noon each day, and a highly successful businessman bought a bag of popcorn daily and noticed the peddler closing so early in the day. The businessman asked why he was closing so early? The popcorn peddler responded with "so I can go home and sip tea and sit on the porch with my wife". The businessman replied you still have at least 6 more hours to sell and make more money! The popcorn peddler said "I've made enough money for today".

I love that story. It is where I see my husband and I growing closer to each and every day. See our lifestyle years ago was work to pay for MORE and work MORE to pay for MORE. Well you see MORE for most people is never enough.

I love the thought of living way under your means and making a living and enjoying your simple life that you do not have to work until 8:00pm at night to afford.

I have seen the many changes my husband has made in his business, no credit, cash only, less overhead. The results have been awesome. His hours are less he is home more and there is less stress. Chasing after success is not appealing anymore. Living a humble, simple God centered life is.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I picked up a bunch of great books from a yard sale the other day. I started reading a book by one of my favorite authors Max Lucado and it is called Cure For The Common Life.

In this book it talks about finding your sweet spot.............in other words finding the true God given traits and interests you have been given and using them in real life. The author goes on to challenge you to look back at your life and remember situations and experiences you had as a child. More likely than not you can trace back certain interests you had as a child and see where you are at today.
For instance maybe you were always working with your hands and now you are a master craftsman,or maybe you were fascinated with bad guys and today you are a real life police man or woman.

All of this reflecting led me back to my childhood and I remembered I always dreamed of running a household. I don't know if this is what every young girl dreams of because she wants to do things her way, but seriously, I always envisioned children and being in charge. Staying home and running the house is challenging and fulfilling to me. I love to learn new recipes and new frugal ideas. So I kinda smiled as I finished the chapter on finding out what your good at and what your true passions are. I thanked God for giving me the opportunity to lead the life I always dreamed of.

It is a real interesting book, one that I would recommend.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have really been missing my dad lately and the wisdom he had. With all the uncertainties in our life right now it would be great to talk to him about what he thinks would be the best thing for us to do. I feel like I know what he would say, but still I want to hear it.

Stay in an outrageous interest only loan to never get a head, with a rising payment all the time, rent a home, live with family, land contract, rent to own............... I still have not heard any final info from my mortgage co, so I think that means I need to sit still until I know where we stand. That makes the most sense right now.

I have a very generous family member who is willing to get a loan for us, I'm uncertain about this as my husband is as well. Very ,very appreciative but..... I have this mentality right now that we will fix this on our own, I don't want to burden others.

I /we continue to need prayer as we are not fully out of this mess just yet, we are starting to feel some relief which is a good feeling after years of just making it month to month. Our new cash only system, no credit cards is working awesome. It take a little more planning, but the rewards are priceless.

So as always just continued prayer as we pray for guidance and wisdom in the decisions that we will have to make...very soon.