Thursday, June 18, 2009


As I continue my reading through the whole bible in one year goal, I have just finished the book of Esther. I really enjoyed the book of Esther and would like to do an extra bible study of some sort. If anyone has any good resources or suggestions that would be great. I have a book called Ruth and Esther that I just saw on my bookshelf from J Vernon Mcghee, so maybe I will check into that!

Any how, I am confident that I will finish my goal by the end of the year as I am approaching the New Testament, and find myself there most of the time when I used to randomly pick scripture. I'm excited to see the growth of reading the bible front to back, not just this one time, but every year.

How about you, has anyone read through front to back? What was your take on it?

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  1. Great work!!! I have done a study on Ruth but never Esther. I would guess the book on your shelf will be a great read, and since you already have it; economical as well. Nope, I never did read the bible completely through. I think it is a very worthwhile goal. DJ did once.... well almost.