Friday, June 26, 2009


If you are anything like me I read and re-read those pamphlets that are distributed at Church. I always look forward to the new ones and reflect back on the old. I keep them in a drawer in our study, separate from the books on our shelves, but they are just as inspiring and small enough to read in a short sitting, leaving you filled with the message long after you are done reading them.

I go back to certain ones from time to time whether it is a topic on grief, money management, family life, eternal life............etc.etc.... Today I reflected back on one called Life Together (Practical Tips On Living As A Family). I thought it would be fun to discuss section by section in a few part series, similar to The Fruit Of The Spirit Series I did earlier.

There are six or so chapters in this booklet and we will start with the first topic which is GIVING THANKS.

GIVING THANKS, that is something that never quite came easy to me and I find myself in more situations lately that it is necessary.

Families have an opportunity to give thanks to each other daily. By living together you experience the same joys and the same sorrows by being able to identify with each other. So with giving thanks comes a common bond that you and each member of the family receive. Think of the final messages at funerals, all the kind words expressed. Don't wait until it is to late- GIVE THANKS to each and every member of your family daily and verbally. How nice for a child to hear " I thank God for you" or "Thank you for being......".

A common bond I think of is Ruth and Naomi. "Wherever you go , I will go" Ruth 1:16. How important Naomi must have felt, a feeling of togetherness, a common bond.

So today I challenge you to give thanks to each member of your family and help them to feel the common bond you all share together. What a blessing family is.

Things to Think About.......

Who makes you feel part of a family?

If you have trouble showing appreciation to others, how can you change that?

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