Tuesday, June 30, 2009


So in my bible reading I am in the book of Psalms. After reading through Job and now halfway into Psalms, it is exactly what I needed to read. For the first time i wept reading Psalms. I very much could relate to the cries for help. We all have our struggles in life, but seeking the Lord through your trials makes you feel you can get through them all.

It has been a hard few days. We just want some normalcy back in our lives, like a steady income. It does make for trying times when you cannot get paid consistently. My husband has been applying to many jobs, any that he can actually and some are local and some are not. I pray that a job would open up for him, so that he can feel like he is providing for his family. I can't imagine what he is feeling, he is a "family first man" and thinks traditionally, that the man should provide financially for his family. I hope that the plan the Lord has is revealed soon, I am learning perserverance, which is a great quality, however life can become very stressful when your income comes to a halt.

Again, extended prayers would be appreciated, and God knew what I needed to hear over the last few days with the timing of Job and Psalms. Praise God.

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