Monday, June 22, 2009


Yesterday was a great day spent with family, honoring all the dads. Although I no longer have an earthly father I feel closer than ever to our heavenly father and I take comfort that our relationship grows more each and every day.

I do need to learn how to download the pictures from our camera to these posts, I have some great pictures to share, (I will have to work on that)

My husband enjoyed a morning of opening home made gifts, (cards, and picture frame my 9 year old made out of scrap wood) Of course he loved it all! We spent an afternoon up at Lexington on Lake Huron, and it was a great time, overcast weather, but we still managed to get some red cheeks:) Although the sun finally was shining bright as we were leaving for the day , we still enjoyed the pier,playing in the sand and our feet dipped in the water.(These are the moments our kids file into their memory banks)

Hope everyone took time to honor their dads and the dads that you know, what a blessing they are in our children's lives.

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  1. Such a wonderful afternoon as a family. that is great. I am sure you miss your dad, so glad to read your love for the Holy Father is a comfort you understand so well. tmp