Sunday, June 14, 2009


I am very fond of homeschooling families and the whole idea behind it. I love the homeschool families I know and I love the concept of much togetherness as a family. We are part of an amazing church and school (part of the church) and for those reasons that are dear to my heart, we do not homeschool now, I take it year to year, but I have honestly been so happy with our experience with this church of ours.

Anyhow, when summer comes it is my turn to "play" homeschooler, and I know the kids need some downtime and I enjoy my own schedule, not the teachers:) So every summer I have a plan for our days..... field trips, math lessons, reading time, stories aloud,cooking time, gardening time. You get the picture, I love to plan out all the exciting things we will do and throw in some lessons while they may not even know Im teaching.

Tomorrow we will take part of our local library reading program, my girls both have a goal in mind as to how many books they want to read this summer and then later in the week we will head out to the orchards and pick strawberries, we are going to work on making jam for family and friends.

I love the break that I get in the summer as well, no deadlines, no waking up at 7:00am , no schedule. It is very laid back and very relaxing, but I still need to keep math facts fresh for the following year:)

Do any of you guys continue to teach in the summer or do you take a full break?

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  1. Great job!! YOu are the best mommy. Keep up the fun learning. Yep, we school through the summer too. We are more relaxed than when school is in, but we keep the brain working on reading, Writing and math skills. We love to do lots of swimming and visiting with our friends. Theresa