Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So there is a local business that is hiring 2 positions that my husband can fill. Our neighbor tells my husband he knows the service manager, he is a good friend of his:) Of course after 12 years of an up and down business I'm thinking ( yeah, finally a job, steady paycheck:) Well, my husband has no problem inquiring about the job and leaving his business, I was glad to hear that. After our neighbor left we talked a little more thorough about the situation and talked about the pros and cons and the fact that nothing may come of it, but it kinda fell in his lap and he is going to proceed to find out more about it. We know after all we have been through we need to pray and ask for guidance and trust that the Lord will lead us in the way we should go.

There are no overwhelming feelings of fear, impatience(well a little:), confusion, we are just putting it all in God's hands. I'm proud of my husband for swallowing his pride and coming to the conclusion that if he needs to get a job, that is what he needs to do. He continues to try and make his business work, there are really not alot of job openings in Michigan, but he realizes that this is an opportunity that he may take advantage of.

So he is calling the manager today, I will continue to pray for the outcome and be content and patient about it. Any extra prayer would be appreciated and I will give an update when I know something.

It sure feels good to pray about something open minded with God leading. If it happens GREAT, if not that is fine too. The pressure and burden of trying to control every detail of your life, dissipates when you let God lead.

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  1. Walking in faith gives such peace. I know God will hear your prayers and move according to what is best for your family. We will pray and will be wondering where God leads in this new development. TMP