Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So I have talked enough about my husband's business in the automotive field, which here in Michigan means little these days. It has struggled to say the least and amidst preparing to lose our home(because of lack of income)we still face the challenge of "getting by". As any small business owner knows paychecks are a luxury, they are not of the "norm". It has been a challenge to get by. My husband has applied to a dozen or so jobs, just in the last few months, and he is beginning to think there is not much out there in his field and experience.

Looking back 10 years ago he had an associates in law enforcement, and experience. Well he has applied for a federal government job while he still has time to work a good living and retire 20 years later. Now I'm trying not to get to excited, it is a lengthy process taking up to 6mo to a year to get hired in some cases. I do feel a little bit of relief, possibly thinking that this could be the very thing we have been praying for so diligently the last several months. We have been praying for God to lead us where he wants us and have cried out in sheer desperation for some guidance in our lives. I will remain in control with my thoughts and wonder. I must continue to practice patience, as I like to know what is happening next. I must continue to let God lead, I have to say it is an amazing feeling and a load of pressure lifted off of me.

I will keep everyone posted, this may or may not be it, he takes a test in late Sept. Right now he is studying super hard, getting in extreme physical shape and learning Spanish. I know he will do well, he ranked second top in his class of 60 men at his first academy graduation 10 + years ago.
When he sets his mind to something he gives 110%. I will keep updates:)

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