Monday, August 31, 2009


Well here we are 5 days after my oldest birthday is my next daughters birthday. They are 3 years and 5 days apart. I love celebrating with ONE big party every year and they still do not mind, I'm not sure how many more years i can get away with it though:)
So a very Happy Birthday to Nicole today. I can't believe she is 7!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yeah - finally have a digital camera from this century;) It is so simple to post pictures and I'm having some fun with my long awaited camera(garage sale profit money).

We spent the day at Frontier Town yesterday, ice cream, laughing and feeding the goats!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My oldest is 10 today! I can't believe I have a double digit child;) We had big plans to go to the beach, but it is a rainy day, so.........we will have to go another day. Gifts were simple this year, and we will have a family party later in the week. She loved, loved her manicure gift. A manicure at a real salon!!

Her school does home visits with the teacher, and her teacher for this year brought her flowers, that was so nice. Well we are just hanging out, going to cook the dinner she picked for her birthday and having cake later when dad comes home.

Ahh, i love the simpleness of childhood.

P. S, I got a new camera yesterday,(much needed, mine has been acting up since Jan) so once I figure out the uploading, which I think is pretty simple, I will post some pics.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Although the weather today was very unusual for August ( drizzly, cool, rain, small spots of sunlight)we had a great time at the Air Show at Selfridge AF. The kids really enjoyed it, there was lots to see and many amazing air craft you could get right up close to. Our two year old kept saying "Wow Boat" and we kept correcting him saying "Airplane". It was a nice day for the family and on the way out we saw some really cool tricks from the Thunderbirds. This is my husband's kind of thing,but I must say I enjoyed myself and the kids did as well.

Friday, August 21, 2009


This seems so super simple, but I have to admit we don't normally do it. We packed up a bag of lunch a blanket some cups and a jug of water and headed to a nearby park under a huge tree for a picnic lunch!

I had this list that I wrote at the beginning of summer (right after reading a Family Fun Magazine). I then wrote down all the fun things I wanted to try to do this summer (notice I said try to do;) I got this idea from the magazine of course and it has been a great reminder on bored days. Anyways the picnic idea was very fun and i have to admit after writing down 15 things or so we only have a few that we did not do, but the zoo remains on that list and we are gonna have to change that..............

Thursday, August 20, 2009


My six year old is on vacation with her grandparents and aunt and uncle. They went to the Creation Museum in Kentucky for a few days. Life with two kids at home is "weird" to say the least.You just get used to the crazy chaos of three children and then two seems sooooooo quiet. Strange!

My 9 1/2 year old opted not to go as she had basketball practice this week, she said"mom, the team needs me there is only 8 of us this year, all the good girls moved to Varsity!". I said Okay, you can stay home;) (not what I would have done at that age) I was laughing with my husband about it, and he understood her, he was and still is very dedicated and gives 100% (not that I don't;) but I can break the rules every now and then!

So we have some quieter days to enjoy until the trip is done. Hey why didn't anyone offer to take a 2 year old on vacation with them;)lol.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009



1. Homework!

2. Early mornings!

3. Adjusting to the "new teachers way of doing things"!

4. My schedule is no longer my schedule!

5. Missing my girls.........;(

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

JUST FOR FUN..........


1. Two year old will take a regular nap again!!!!

2. I can continue on my bible reading mid afternoon, with no noise!


4. Early start to our day!

5. Oh and did I mention naptime;)

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I must say I love, love love summer time with no schedules, the problem I am having is no schedule:) I really need time to unwind at night and with later bed times and later starting days I am really looking forward to some sort of BEDTIME!

The problem I'm running into is that there is so much going on and my 2 year old sometimes gets dragged into these long days and misses nap, only to take it at 4:00pm. Then it is 10:00 p.m and I want to pull my hair out. So I am looking forward to 12:00-2:00 naptime again and then all kiddo's in bed at 8:00p.m sharp, bit oh how I will hate the homework;)

Can anyone relate? I'm really not trying to complain............

Saturday, August 15, 2009


I read a handful of blogs regularly and most of these "mommy bloggers" have a few things in common. Lots of homemade homegrown stuff, christian God fearing women and they homeschool. This has been on my heart for years, but as I have shared in the past because of our great experience with our school it is not an easy choice and I know it just means it is not the right time. With the many new applications my husband has put in, there are a few positions that if hired, we may possibly have to try homeschooling if need be for various reasons. I'm not looking to far ahead only trying to have some sort of plan.

I know it is in God's plans and timing. There is one particular blog I really like and it has some great tips it is and

She hs just recently added the homeschool blog and it is very informative.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


This past year has so much irony in it, I mean there has been alot of stuff that has been challenging for me. Mostly on the financial end, coming to grips with losing the home and losing the business and then again watching paychecks become more and more a rare thing. Years ago if a check was delayed by a few weeks I would freak out.:) My husband would always have to remind me that it is part of owning your own business and that everything would be okay.....(what a guy).:)

Most people that run into me and know what is going on in our life, (mostly non Christians) react like it is the end of our world. I have to agree years ago if I ran into a friend that just told me she lost her house, has no job or pay I would think it sounded like the end of the world. The thing I'm most proud of this year and (it is all God's doing) is that when another "crises" arises I stop and pray for direction and I know that some doors of our lives are closing, but I'm so certain and excited that other doors are just waiting around the corner to open.

Sometimes through challenges you really question who you are and what you stand for. This past 12-18 months I have had a new outlook and a new trust in the Lord. I feel like the wait of the world has been taken off my shoulder, because of my faith I no longer feel like our situation is hopeless. I do not know what is in store, there are a few things in the mix, but I am remaining optimistic and continuing to give thanks to the Lord in good times and in times of stress.

So when people/family members feel bad for us, I just comment to them that I have learned to put my trust and faith in the Lord and I explain that although it has been a rough year, I wouldn't change a thing. I know our God will not leave us, we are his children.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hello August! WOW- summer is in full mode around here. I am well into Jeremiah in my bible reading for the (read the bible in a year goal!)

I finally broke down and joined Facebook and I am pleasantly surprised how much FUN it is. I am connecting with old co workers and class mates that I have not seen in years and I must admit I thought this was just some "high school clicky thing" and I really enjoy it so far. I just joined this past Friday and I am learning as I go:)
I think the best part is catching up with old friends and taking a glimpse into their lives through their photo's of family and such.

I can tend to get addicted to things quickly...blogging, e-mails, internet research and now Facebook. I have made a commitment to myself and prayed for some balance as I do not want to abuse computer time and take away from my responsibilities.

Has anyone else just recently joined Facebook or long time member?