Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hello August! WOW- summer is in full mode around here. I am well into Jeremiah in my bible reading for the (read the bible in a year goal!)

I finally broke down and joined Facebook and I am pleasantly surprised how much FUN it is. I am connecting with old co workers and class mates that I have not seen in years and I must admit I thought this was just some "high school clicky thing" and I really enjoy it so far. I just joined this past Friday and I am learning as I go:)
I think the best part is catching up with old friends and taking a glimpse into their lives through their photo's of family and such.

I can tend to get addicted to things quickly...blogging, e-mails, internet research and now Facebook. I have made a commitment to myself and prayed for some balance as I do not want to abuse computer time and take away from my responsibilities.

Has anyone else just recently joined Facebook or long time member?

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  1. Now that you are on facebook you won't blog as much. I have seen it happen to all of the bloggers I have been following. Oh how very sad for me. I do not have a facebook, but I should break down and get one "everyone is doing it". I just started blogging and so feel like I should do that for a while. My children love the facebook deal.
    Go search cornmobile on facebook and become a fan. Love you lots. TMP