Sunday, August 23, 2009


Although the weather today was very unusual for August ( drizzly, cool, rain, small spots of sunlight)we had a great time at the Air Show at Selfridge AF. The kids really enjoyed it, there was lots to see and many amazing air craft you could get right up close to. Our two year old kept saying "Wow Boat" and we kept correcting him saying "Airplane". It was a nice day for the family and on the way out we saw some really cool tricks from the Thunderbirds. This is my husband's kind of thing,but I must say I enjoyed myself and the kids did as well.

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  1. Fantastic!! I am so glad you got to go experience it. We went a few years ago. But my two young ones have never been. My parents were on their way to take Andrew, but decided the car line to get in was too long. They turned around and came home.
    We had a family party anyway and we had a nice afternoon.
    Did you get some pictures? Post them!