Saturday, August 15, 2009


I read a handful of blogs regularly and most of these "mommy bloggers" have a few things in common. Lots of homemade homegrown stuff, christian God fearing women and they homeschool. This has been on my heart for years, but as I have shared in the past because of our great experience with our school it is not an easy choice and I know it just means it is not the right time. With the many new applications my husband has put in, there are a few positions that if hired, we may possibly have to try homeschooling if need be for various reasons. I'm not looking to far ahead only trying to have some sort of plan.

I know it is in God's plans and timing. There is one particular blog I really like and it has some great tips it is and

She hs just recently added the homeschool blog and it is very informative.


  1. I checked out the happy housewife site, I really like the idea of grilled pizza. I think we will try that sometime soon.
    With no air conditioning we like to leave the oven off in the summer. My old grill had a spot for boiling a pot on the side, not the new one (got it 2 years ago at the lumberjack going out of busness sale).

    Homeschooling!!! How far away would you have to move to not be willing to drive to the current school?
    YOu know Char loved har year of homeschooling, and now is haveing to send the girls off for the day. How things change~

  2. I know how you feel. I am very torn on the sujbect, of my 4 school age children 2 are homeschooled and 2 are in public school. There isn't a hard fast rule for everyone, as long and you are praying over you decisions you will make the correct one.