Friday, August 21, 2009


This seems so super simple, but I have to admit we don't normally do it. We packed up a bag of lunch a blanket some cups and a jug of water and headed to a nearby park under a huge tree for a picnic lunch!

I had this list that I wrote at the beginning of summer (right after reading a Family Fun Magazine). I then wrote down all the fun things I wanted to try to do this summer (notice I said try to do;) I got this idea from the magazine of course and it has been a great reminder on bored days. Anyways the picnic idea was very fun and i have to admit after writing down 15 things or so we only have a few that we did not do, but the zoo remains on that list and we are gonna have to change that..............

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  1. The girls seemed to like their picnic lunch by the tire swing Wednesday. I put the raveolies in a coffee kraff because I didn't have a thermos. They had cukes and some water too. They seemed enjoy it. Glad your picnic was also fun.