Sunday, September 27, 2009


So today marked our 12th wedding anniversary! I can't believe it. After having my husband working 12+ hours Mon- Fri for the last two weeks it was great to have some "down time". Today was great- local cider mill in the area, some relaxing outside on a gorgeous day and out to eat. What a wonderful day.
A really neat treat this morning was getting awaken by my kids who made scrambled eggs and toast and brought it up to us in bed. It sure was nice not to have to cook a meal today:)
I love my family, and am so blessed by each one of them. Life is good.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DIFFICULT WEEK..............

Wow- I realize I have not posted for over a week, it is amazing how busy and hectic things get, especially when school starts.

The start of school went great and about 3 days into it my 7 year old second grader started to have some melt downs in the morning and was just starting to refuse going to school and it was really affecting all aspects of her day, not eating, not wanting to play, just not her normal self. I started to pray about it and wondered if this was the time to "homeschool"?? The only problem me and my husband had was that we did not want to jump in and "save her", we wanted to help her "work through" whatever was going on.

Well long story short, we talked to the principal and pastor at our school, we had several meetings and in talking she opened up to the pastor about "feeling worried about all the different things going on in our lives- the talk about moving, her dad maybe getting a new job and other changes going on". I was relieved to finally get to the root of this different behavior, and so now it is all reassurance and praise for the great job she has been doing the last few days, were just trying hard to "build her up".

I am glad, I did not just throw the towel in and pull her out, like I was going to do, that does not mean I don't want to homeschool, it is just that we needed to get through that particular problem, and we are all stronger for it. I am also planning on homeschooling next year, if my husband gets this job that requires a bit of moving around, and I'm sure that will help the kids feel "united as a family".
So this was not my time, and that is okay, I'm glad I gave it over to the Lord, and I can continue on my plan to get as much info this year on homeschooling as I can.

One highlight of our week was enrolling the girls in a local 4H program, where they can learn about raising chickens, rabbits, drawing and cooking and gardening. I am super excited about this as they can be part of this club together learning wholesome skills for life.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Well I was one of "those moms" last night.
Very proud and excited! My oldest daughter has been playing on her school's basketball team, and she scored!!!!!!!!
What a feeling, last year she did not have much court time, she was only in fourth grade. This year however she is in fifth grade, and it is a fifth and sixth grade team, so she has much more opportunity to score. It was really exciting and I know she enjoyed "her moment".
So, I'm now one of those crazy sports mom. Never would have thought.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Last week my husband received some very good, much needed news. A major company in our area has 2000 vehicles they need gps systems on husband got the account!!!!!! The difference between this type of deal and the deals that have messed him up in the past is , they are a large co, they have the allocated money set aside and it is all labor,the parts are supplied to him! This is a temporary assignment, deals like this do not happen all the time, but we'll TAKE IT!! This will make up for the months we went without any pay and get us caught up. I don't know what this means for the house, I mean we still have not been served the foreclosure papers, we are just waiting...........I guess we will continue to take each day at a time.

First off I must never forget this situation, the feelings of despair, hopelessness and fear. I am convinced the only way I have gotten through this past year was having complete trust and faith in the Lord. Only he knew what was to come. I had to surrender control, give it over to God, and TRUST. That is very hard to do when you do not see instant results. I continue to pray for this guidance from God, remembering to always be still and listen and follow Him.

This is a scary time, a bad economy with no job security anymore. I must remember that there are so many others going through losing their homes, jobs, no paychecks, health issues and what not. One thing I learned through this whole humbling experience is that making a certain amount of money or living in a certain house, makes you no better than someone else. I knew this, but I think until you hit rock bottom you realize WE ARE ALL GOD'S CHILDREN. We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. I'm not going to say it was easy, but I conquered a huge fear of mine......losing everything. I realize now my family and our faith is all one needs. House or no house, job or no job.
I thank anyone who prayed for us, I know we had alot of that going on. I will keep you posted with the details. For now,I'm just excited for my husband to get out their and provide for his family, something he loves to do, and continue to thank God for his many blessings.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


This past week seems to have been so busy around here, all the school preparations, celebrating the girls birthday and winding down from summer, trying to get on a somewhat structured schedule.

How I love the fall though, the crisp air, autumn leaves, pumpkins, apples and all the beautiful colors. I tend to enjoy fall the most, usually because it comes after a hot , humid summer, which was not the case this year. I love when the weather lets you walk outside with no coat needed. So I am looking forward to this change in season, and remembering to thank God for all the beauty that surrounds us.