Wednesday, September 23, 2009

DIFFICULT WEEK..............

Wow- I realize I have not posted for over a week, it is amazing how busy and hectic things get, especially when school starts.

The start of school went great and about 3 days into it my 7 year old second grader started to have some melt downs in the morning and was just starting to refuse going to school and it was really affecting all aspects of her day, not eating, not wanting to play, just not her normal self. I started to pray about it and wondered if this was the time to "homeschool"?? The only problem me and my husband had was that we did not want to jump in and "save her", we wanted to help her "work through" whatever was going on.

Well long story short, we talked to the principal and pastor at our school, we had several meetings and in talking she opened up to the pastor about "feeling worried about all the different things going on in our lives- the talk about moving, her dad maybe getting a new job and other changes going on". I was relieved to finally get to the root of this different behavior, and so now it is all reassurance and praise for the great job she has been doing the last few days, were just trying hard to "build her up".

I am glad, I did not just throw the towel in and pull her out, like I was going to do, that does not mean I don't want to homeschool, it is just that we needed to get through that particular problem, and we are all stronger for it. I am also planning on homeschooling next year, if my husband gets this job that requires a bit of moving around, and I'm sure that will help the kids feel "united as a family".
So this was not my time, and that is okay, I'm glad I gave it over to the Lord, and I can continue on my plan to get as much info this year on homeschooling as I can.

One highlight of our week was enrolling the girls in a local 4H program, where they can learn about raising chickens, rabbits, drawing and cooking and gardening. I am super excited about this as they can be part of this club together learning wholesome skills for life.


  1. Sweet girl, I hope working through this issue will give her greater confidance to talk to you about things in the future. Good job not putting the cart before the horse and causeing a good thing~homeschooling~ to be a burden.

  2. Wow Linda, I can't believe she was struggling like that. SHe always seems so carefree. But, their little hearts and minds do get burdened. My 7 year old was crying last night. Your girls are so blessed to have a mom and dad and community who LOVE them so much and want what is best. Hope you guys are doing well. MISS YOU.