Saturday, October 31, 2009


So here is a funny little story about just how frugal I have become over the years to get to our goal of becoming completely debt free one day including no mortgage.

I was talking with a fellow acquaintance at a school function yesterday. I was telling her how the kids got so much candy from the school trunk trot and at the local nursing home. 3 kids, 3 bags of candy = LOTS OF CANDY. Now Halloween is not my favorite day, although the kids enjoy the atmosphere of running door to door and having a good time. So anyhow the subject of how expensive Halloween is came up, from this fellow mom. I just shook my head and kids wore something they got creative with at home, so no $ on costumes, and I proceeded to say that I don't even buy candy. She said don't you enjoy passing out to the little ones? I said Oh sure, but all the candy that we collected over the last few Halloween events go into a bowl and I pass that out, then what my kids get the night of Halloween they keep and I divvy up between them when it is "treat time".

She looked mortified, and all the while I am thinking .........Don't others think this way??????
I like to think i am recycling.


  1. No others don't even begin to touch your genius! I sure hope you didn't let her mortifed look bother you one second. Keep living the frugal lifestyle and feel the freedom. TMP

  2. I agree, it is recycling. And, who needs THAT much candy? It's absurd. It's out of control. And, this is the first year I spent a BIG chunk of change on candy, ouch! But, it was a fun day.