Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I love the moment's when we as mothers can learn from our children. I had an experience like that yesterday and wanted to share it.

On the way home from school yesterday we had about 2 hours to get homework done, finish chores, do 20 minutes of reading, study for a test for one kid and get dinner before a basketball game. Wow- lots of stuff to accomplish, (I hate being rushed!!)

So we are in the car down our street and my 10 year old notices a neighbor of ours (who has 4 little kids by the way) she notices her lawn mower parked in the middle of her front yard - unfinished. Without hesitation she blurts out " oh poor Mrs Mandy, she has all those kids and couldn't finish cutting her grass, I'm gonna go see if she wants me to finish it".

Here goes my best mom response...."We have to much to do, NO"....(not my best response)
Then she proceeds to tell me that at school they had a speaker come in and talk about true , kind friends and not so nice friends. I knew what was right, i knew what I wanted to teach my children, and I was proud at that moment.
I said "okay, lets go get a few things done, then you can go over and help her".

She rode her bike down there so excited and everything got done. It was one of those"slow down" moments I needed. It is more important to help others when need be, good reminder.

By the way, my neighbor just couldn't bring herself to let my daughter do that, but she did send her in the house to watch those little ones:) All were happy.

P.s - We won the basket ball game and my little/big girl made 3 baskets!!!!!!!!!


  1. Isn't is amazing what we can accomplish and get done when we are on God's time! He knows what is important and what is necessary. Great Job Mamma raising such carring and loving children.

  2. I absolutely LOVE this post. It is exactly what we are experiencing here. Trying to let God navigate our steps. What a GREAT kid you have!!! I'm so proud of her. Plus, 3 baskets?? I didn't score that much till I was in high school. Tell her I'm proud of her!

  3. Thanks guys-great moments and memories!