Monday, November 16, 2009


Well with a possible job out of state in progress, losing our home (I'm not sure if and when yet) and the chaos of a toddler, we are seriously thinking about homeschooling. I know crazy timing:) I have had it on my heart for years, I feel like I talk, talk , talk about it, and never do, do do.

The past couple of months my husband has grown more and more fond of the idea and now I know that he will research as he has ordered a bunch of literature on the subject from certain pastors he admires. He has an awesome way of just DOING things. We are a great balance, as I tend to be passive. Anyhow,
I know I have been talking about this topic for some time. We are continuing to pray about the timing and if it is right or not for our family. I do however have a feeling my husband is going to be all over it once he truly learns more about it.

So not much else going on around here. My girls have started a local 4h and have met some new girls and new interests,so that has been fun for them:) My husband's brother who was foreclosed on a few months back has since been able to buy his house back at an unbelievable price, Praise God! I am so happy for him and his wife.


  1. It took me a long time to finally do the homeschool thing too...

  2. Life can be on your time and your purpose when you homeschool. You have lots to show those kids besides just what is in a book. I am still praying for you to know when. God will show you the right time. tmp