Monday, December 21, 2009


You might have had to be there to appreciate this, however I'm going to share a funny grocery store story......

First of all, I'm insane....because I go with all 3 of my kids, I find it easier to handle "my not so loving to shop" 2 year old:)

So we are at the grocery store, just about done and I come across an awesome deal...Nabisco 100 calorie pack cookies and crackers for $1.66 a box. The real SWEET part of this deal is that there were sticker coupons on each box that said SAVE $1.50 now on one box. WHAT!! .16 cents for a box of $3.29 crackers and cookies. Well needless to say I was soooooo excited that we filled up MORE carts and I now have 34 boxes of 100 calorie crackers and cookies to snack on.

This is so different from me a year or two ago, because #1 I would never "stock up on things". I would buy 1 or 2 and #2 I just didn't have the coupon thing in me like I do now.

I am glad my daughters are still not at the age of embarrassment from their mother, because we ;looked pretty ridiculous fillin those carts and laughing hysterically!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009


A few of the yearly Christmas traditions I attend, just didn't work out for me this year, for whatever reason. Last Sunday me and my daughters attended our church's Christmas carolling. Now I have lived in a city or suburb of a city my whole life and have never walked door to door Christmas carolling. We did it country style...we visited a few elderly shut ins and a few local nursing homes, driving to a fro.

We had such a wonderful time and I'm going to add this event as a new favorite tradition to enjoy for the years to come. The last house we stopped at, the woman opened the door in her robe and was explaining that she had felt under the weather all day and had tears in her eyes, it felt great to be apart of a group that sang the message to her and brighten her day!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


Well getting our tree last weekend was a success! We spent a few hours out searching and cutting down the TALLEST one:) Just as we got in our truck to drive away it started raining.......for the rest of the our early start paid off. We are not normally "early starters" for anything, we usually get started early - late afternoon on things.

So now that the tree is up and we are heading into our first weekend with it up, we watch Christmas movies, listen to Christmas music, read the birth of Christ and sip hot drinks in the family room with the tree on at night. I love this time of year. The simple things, all cozy and together, now we just have to get our fireplace working!